Flags of the United States armed forces

Flags of the United States armed forces

= Branches of the Armed Forces =

The several branches of the United States armed forces are represented by flags, among other emblems and insignia. Within each branch, various flags fly on various occasions, and on various ships, bases, camps, and military academies.

In general, the order of precedence when displaying military flags together is Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. However, in any period where the Coast Guard is operating as part of the Navy, the Coast Guard Flag would precede the Air Force Flag. [ [http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/FAQ/FAQ.htm Frequently Asked Questions Page ] ]


thumb|Flag_of_the_Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ]
thumb|Flag_of_the_Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman ]


Many other flags are traditionally associated with the military.

American Revolution

Not having made an official design until 1777, a number of flags were carried into battle by American forces. Even after, the vague wording of the Flag Resolution of 1777 led to many designs.

* The most commonly carried pre-1777 flags was the Grand Union Flag, resembling closely the flag of the British East India Company.
* The Gadsden flag was created from a political cartoon, it was first seen carried into battle by Continental Marines.
* Legend holds that the Betsy Ross flag was the first version of the current American flag, and is depicted in artwork featuring General George Washington.
* The Francis Hopkinson version is also claimed to be the first flag carried into battle by American troops.
* The Serapis flag was flown from the "Serapis" due to the loss of the traditional ensign during its capture.
* The Cowpens flag was depicted as being carried by the 3rd Maryland Regiment at the Battle of Cowpens (while proven that the unit was not at Cowpens, the name and pattern remained popular).
* The Bennington flag is commonly held to have been carried by American troops at the Battle of Bennington.
* The Guilford Courthouse flag was carried by the North Carolina militia at the Battle of Guilford Court House.
* Several versions of the Flag of New England were carried by New England militias, especially noted at the Battle of Bunker Hill.
* The Pine Tree Flag found some limited use as a jack by early Naval vessels and boats.
* The Bedford Flag was one of the first battle standards of the American military.
* The Brandywine flag was carried by the 7th Pennsylvania Regiment at the Battle of Brandywine.
* The 2nd Canadian Regiment, not being American, carried their own flag into battle when fighting for the Continental Army.
* The Commander-in-Chief's Guard carried a unique banner while they protected General Washington.
* The Flag of the Green Mountain Boys was the battle color of the Green Mountain Boys and the Vermont Republic prior to its admission to the Union.


* The Star Spangled Banner Flag or Great Garrison Flag was flown over Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812, inspiring Francis Scott Key to write "The Star Spangled Banner"," to become the national anthem.
* A flag proclaiming "Come and take it" was fashioned by Texans at the battle of Battle of Gonzales.
* The brief existence of the Confederate States of America yielded the creation of several flags used by the Confederate Army and Navy.
* The Fort Sumter Flag gained significance for its unique canton and its lowering at the Battle of Fort Sumter.
* Old Glory gained fame in the story of Captain William Driver keeping it safe from Confederate capture and eventually became the nickname for the Flag of the United States itself.
* The POW/MIA flag became a symbol of concern about military personnel taken as prisoners of war and missing in action.
* Recipients of the Medal of Honor also receive a flag based upon the design of the ribbon.
* The United States Air National Guard uses a .

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* Guidon (United States)


* [http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/TIOH.htm The Institute of Heraldry, U.S. Army]

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