Epic may refer to:

In film and literature:
* Epic poetry, a style of poetry
* Epic film, a genre of film
* Epic fantasy, a subgenre of fantasy fiction
* Epic theater, a type of theater.
* "Epic" (novel), a novel by Conor Kostick
* "Epic Movie", a 2007 parody film
* Epic Western, a subgenre of western fiction

In music:
* Epic Records, a record label
* Epic Trance, a subgenre of melodic trance
* "Epic" (song), a popular single by the rock band Faith No More
* Epic Mazur, an American rapper
* "Epic" (album), an album by Borknagar
* List of rock epics

In gaming:
* "Epic" (computer game), a 1992 computer game
* "Epic" (game), a series of wargames
* Epic Games, a computer game development company

In comics:
* Epic Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics
* Epic Illustrated, an anthology series published by Marvel Comics

Epic can also refer to:
* Epic Skate Park, the largest indoor skateboard park in Europe
* Epic 2015, short flash animation, set in 2015, about the future of the media and information
* Epic Age, a time period in Indian history
* Epimorphism, epic morphism, in mathematics
* Epic Systems Corporation, a healthcare software company
* Epic Aircraft, an aircraft manufacturer in Bend, Oregon

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