Nebraska Party

Nebraska Party
Constitution Party of Nebraska
Chairman Ben Grindstaff
Senate leader None
House leader None
Headquarters 3136 S 107th Avenue Apt 5
Omaha, NE 68124
Ideology Social conservatism, National Conservatism, Paleoconservatism, American Nationalism, Economic Nationalism
International affiliation None
Official colors Red, white, and blue
Politics of the United States
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The Nebraska Party is the Nebraska affiliate of the Constitution Party. Like its national counterpart, the Nebraska Party is a strongly right-wing party affiliated with the Christian right movement in American politics. The party claims to be the spiritual descendant of the political ideals established by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and William Jennings Bryan. The stated mission of the Nebraska Party is:

The Nebraska Party was established to restore economic prosperity to all Nebraskans, to restore the Christian Principles of our Forefathers, and to get the Government back in the hands of the people. The Nebraska Party is founded on the principles of the Democrat-Republican Party, which was established in the early 1800s by Thomas Jefferson. The Democrat-Republican Party, now the Nebraska Party, represents the people, the working people (labor), family farmers, small business and, of course, our senior citizens.



Presidential tickets

Endorsed state candidates

  • 2002: Paul Rosberg, Governor; Joseph Rosberg, Secretary of State
  • 2004: Joseph Rosberg, Congress (District 3); Peter Rosberg, Public Service Commissioner (District 4)
  • 2006: Barry Richards, Governor; John Gathings, Treasurer; Kelly Rosberg, Auditor
  • 2008: Kelly Renee Rosberg, Senator

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