Ikki (character)

Ikki (character)

Ikki the porcupine is an animal fictional character created by Rudyard Kipling in "The Second Jungle Book". In the story "How Fear Came" he has a brief cameo appearance taunting Mowgli, who tries unsuccessfully to pull his spines.

Early editions of the story name him as Sahi. Kipling may have changed the name because he felt that the porcupine needed a more "prickly-sounding" name.

Ikki also appears in "The Porcupine and the Poison People", a story in Pamela Jekel's Kipling pastiche "The Third Jungle Book". In the story, Mowgli and Ikki spend some time playing tricks on each other until Mowgli falls into a nest of hostile cobras and Ikki has to bring help.

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