List of Thomas & Friends songs

List of Thomas & Friends songs

Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell wrote songs for the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series from 1994 until 2003, Series 4 - 7. These songs were not released on TV, instead they were released on audio cassettes or on Videos and DVDs, as music videos. Until Season 6, many of the songs were based on individual characters' theme tunes which they had composed and were used as incidental music.

In the UK, the first nine songs were released on an audio cassette in the mid-1990s by EMI, and featured them around narration of a story about a "Best Kept Station Competition" which was told by Michael Angelis. The songs "That's What Friends Are For" and "Rules & Regulations" have never been given Music Videos, though, unlike every other song created for the series.

The songs created for Series 6 and 7 have yet not been released in the UK or Australia, aside from 'Winter Wonderland', as a music video. However, a promotional DVD available only at Woolworths contained three of the Series 7 songs, "Five New Engines in the Shed", "The Red Balloon" and "Troublesome Trucks", which were previously only available in the UK by import from the USA or Singapore. The promotional DVD was eventually re-released for a limited time, but by The Sunday Mirror, on June 10 2007.

Since Series 8, the songs have been composed and written by Ed Welch, while Robert Hartshorne took over to compose the show's incidental music.

eason 4

*Thomas We Love You (Thomas' Anthem - US/Canadian Title)
*Let's Have A Race
*Gone Fishing
*Don't Judge a Book by its Cover
*The Island Song
*Really Useful Engine
*That's What Friends Are For (Audio Only)
*Rules & Regulations (Audio Only)

eason 5

*Night Train
*Accidents Will Happen
*Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining (Never Lose Hope)
*It's Great To Be An Engine
*The Snow Song
*Donald's Duck
*Sir Topham Hatt
*Come For The Ride
*Harold The Helicopter
*Percy's Seaside Trip

eason 6

*James The Really Splendid Engine
*Little Engines
*Down by the Docks
*Winter Wonderland
*Boo!, Boo! Choo-Choo
*Never, Never Give Up

eason 7

*Five New Engines in the Shed
*The Red Balloon
*There Once Was an Engine Who Ran Away
*Troublesome Trucks
*The Whistle Song

eason 8

*A World Around You
*Ode to Gordon
*Engine Roll Call

Calling All Engines!

*Try To Do Things Better
*The Dream Song (DVD Extra)
*Together We Made It Happen
*New Engine Roll Call

eason 9

*Everyday is a Special Day
*Party Time
*Day and Night
*The Work Song
*One Friendly Family

eason 10

*Doing it Right
*Old and New
*Favourite Place
*Happy and Sad

eason 11

*Narrow Gauge Engines
*Engine Roll Call (High Definition & Re-Shot)

The Great Discovery

*Thomas and James are Racing
*There's a Job for Everyone
*Where, Oh Where is Thomas?
*New Engine Roll Call (Second Version)
*Thomas You're the Leader

eason 12

*Happy Together
*New Friends


* There have been Two different versions of 'Gone Fishing'. The US 'Rusty to the Rescue' VHS, was sung for the majority, by an unknown singer, while the second version, like all the other songs, has children singing. The US 'Rusty to the Rescue' VHS, is to date, the only Video to include the first and the original version of 'Gone Fishing', whilst the second has been frequently included on Video's and DVD's and released, Commercially.
* From Series 8 and onwards, 'Engine Roll Call' has appeared at the end of each of the 30 minute shows, and on the DVD Releases. Some shows also have music videos of the songs, replacing an interactive interstitial.
*To date, five versions of 'Engine Roll Call' have been made. The first in Season 8 featuring 'The Steam Team', the second featured on 'Calling All Engines', but with the 'Steam Team's line-up being replaced by different lyrics and some scenes from the special, with the interpretation of mentioning 'Diesel 10', and the song slightly shortened. The third, in the Eleventh series had all of the scenes in the song re-shot and incorporated into High Definition, the fourth featured on 'The Great Discovery' feature-length special retained the same from Season 11, but with the addition of 'Stanley' in the character line-up, who is not in the 'Steam Team', but was the new character being featured in the special with a big role, like 'Calling All Engines!', the song was also shortened. The latest 'Engine Roll Call' which can be seen in Season 12, is the same as Season 11, but one of each of the Steam Team's scenes in the character line-up as been reshot to incorporate the new CGI faces. The 'Engine Roll Call' song, in some TV broadcasts, are sometimes shortened.
*"Thomas You're the Leader" is the first ever song to be sung completely by a band, instead of the usual children singing. Some fans consider the song to be a mix of Rap and Rock and has since become popular. The song which lasts for over 4 minutes, can be seen at the end of 'The Great Discovery'.
* The Songs from Series 4-7 have only appeared on Video's and DVD's, and were never shown on television, although some appeared in the US on 'Shining Time Station', and its two spin-off series, 'Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales', and 'Storytime With Thomas'
* The Series 4 songs were sung by Tom Penta, Laura Penta, Victoria Ferrer, Louise Roberts and Joanna Wyatt. It could be assumed that the rest of the other Songs were sung by them too, although this is highly unlikely, as these children's voices would have changed somewhat over time.
* The voice actresses who played Thomas and Percy in the Japanese version of the show sang the Japanese versions of the songs.
* 'That's What Friends Are For' and 'Rules and Regulations' are the only songs not to have received their own music videos, although fan-made versions of the two songs can been seen on Video Hosting websites.
* There was only one song composed and made for Series 11, from the 'Engines & Escapades' DVD. This was possibly due to the amount of budget spent for that series. The music video 'Narrow Gauge Engines' used scenes from the 11th Series and Specially shot footage. Footage from the previous seasons beofre Season 11 weren't used as the new shots from the music video were in High Definition. Some songs composed for Series 8-10 were used instead as fillers for the 30 minute shows, however these were abridged.
* There is a lot of speculation and confusion that 'Togetherness' is a Season 11 song, however, Hit Entertainment's YouTube account 'thomasandfriends', uploaded some Season 9 songs, one of which was 'Togetherness', as it only contains scenes from Season's 8, 9 and 'Calling All Engines'.
* The Songs from Series 4-6 were eventually released in audio form on the CDs "Thomas' Songs & Roundhouse Rhythms" and "Thomas' Train Yard Tracks" in the UK, on the 9th June 2008. The CDs were previously released in the US, some years before the UK.

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