The Hethumids or Hetoumids, also known as the House of Lambron were the rulers of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia from 1226 to 1373. Hethum I, the first of the Hethumids, came to power when he married Queen Isabella of Armenia who had inherited the throne from her father.

* Hethum (or Hetoum) I (1226-1270)
* Leo II (1270-1289) - son of Hethum I
* Hethum II (1289-1293) - son of Leo II
* Thoros III (1293-1298) - son of Leo II
* Hethum II (1294-1297)
* Sempad (1297-1299) - son of Leo II
* Constantine III (1299) - son of Leo II
* Hethum II (1299-1307)
* Leo III (1301-1307) (joint ruler) - son of Thoros III
* Oshin (1307-1320) - son of Leo II
* Leo IV (1320-1341) - son of Oshin:"Armenia passed then to the Lusignans.

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