Porphyry (pronounced IPA|/'pɔː(ɹ)fɪri/, from the Greek polytonic|Πορφύριος "porphyrios" "purple-clad") may refer to:

*Porphyry (geology), a plutonic rock with large crystals in a fine-grained matrix
*Porphyry (philosopher) (c. 232-c. 305), a Neoplatonic philosopher
*Porphyrio, also known as Pomponius Porphyrio, a Latin grammarian, fl. 2nd or 3rd century BC
*Porphyry copper, a type of large, low-grade mineral deposit
*St. Porphyry of Gaza, Bishop of Gaza c. 347–420
*Porphyry, a vineyard near Seaham, New South Wales
*Porphyry, a system of astrological house division
*Porphyrius the Charioteer (Byzantine chariot racer)

ee also

*Porphyria, a disease

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