In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional universe of Middle-earth, Imrahil was the twenty-second Prince of Dol Amroth.


Imrahil, son of Prince Adrahil II, was born in year 2955 of the Third Age. He had two older sisters. The eldest was Ivriniel (born T.A. 2947) and the next eldest was Finduilas.

During the War of the Ring, on March 9, 3019, Prince Imrahil led a company of Swan Knights and 700 men at arms to Minas Tirith to help defend the City. Prince Imrahil led the sortie that rode to the aid of Faramir, the son of Denethor, the Steward of Gondor and the rear-guard retreating from Osgiliath when the forces of Sauron overran the Pelennor Fields on March 13. Gandalf rode with them, and the Nazgûl fled before him. The Knights of Dol Amroth rescued the wounded Faramir from the Southrons, and Imrahil carried him back to the City on his horse. Prince Imrahil assisted Gandalf in the city's defence, because Denethor in his madness retreated to the White Tower and neglected the city.

While paying his respect to the body of King Théoden of Rohan at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields on March 15, Imrahil noticed that the Rohirrim also bore the body of Éowyn. He perceived that she was still alive and he sent to the City for help.

Soon after, Éomer and his Riders were outnumbered, and Imrahil rode to their aid. Shortly after, Aragorn arrived in the black ships of the Corsairs, and the tide of the battle was turned. After the Pelennor fields had been cleared, Aragorn, Éomer and Imrahil rode to Minas Tirith. Imrahil recognized that Aragorn was the rightful King, but he agreed that it was wise for Aragorn to wait to enter the city, because his brother-in-law Denethor was strong-willed and proud. When Imrahil learned that Denethor was dead and Faramir dying, he suggested that Aragorn be summoned, remembering that the Kings of old were great healers. Aragorn came to heal the wounded Faramir, Éowyn and Merry, but he declared that Imrahil should rule the City until Faramir awoke. (Upon his first meeting with Imrahil Legolas recognized his Elvish ancestry & bowed to him.)

During the debate of the Captains of the West, Gandalf proposed that they march to the Black Gate to distract Sauron's attention from Frodo, the Ring-bearer. Imrahil said that he would follow his liege Aragorn, but he advised that some should remain to defend the City. In the end it was decided that an army of 7,000 would ride forth. Imrahil laughed and said:

"Surely this is the greatest jest in all the history of Gondor: that we should ride with seven thousands, scarce as many as the vanguard of its army in the days of its power, to assail the mountains and the impenetrable gate of the Black Land! So might a child threaten a mail-clad knight with a bow of string and green willow!" ("The Return of the King": "The Last Debate")

The Host of the West left Minas Tirith on March 18. Bypassing Minas Morgul and marching north, the heralds announced the coming of King Elessar at Imrahil's advice. When Sauron's forces emerged from the Black Gate on March 25, Imrahil stood on the front line with his men. They fought the Battle of the Morannon (Black Gate) until the One Ring was destroyed.

Prince Imrahil was present at the celebrations of the field of Cormallen, and the coronation of Aragorn as King Elessar, and rode with the funeral procession of King Théoden to Rohan, remaining in Edoras after the King's burial on August 10. Imrahil and Éomer became great friends, and in ME-date|TA|3021 Éomer wed Imrahil's daughter Lothíriel.

After the War of the Ring, Prince Imrahil and his nephew Faramir, Steward of Gondor, were King Elessar's chief commanders. Imrahil was also part of the Great Council of Gondor, and remained an advisor of the King.

Prince Imrahil died in the year ME-date|FA|34, and was succeeded by his eldest son Elphir, who continued the line of Princes.

Prince Imrahil did not appear in Peter Jackson's film adaptation of the books — in the director's commentary for the Return of the King Extended Edition it is mentioned that he appeared basically in earlier drafts but was stricken as it was too difficult to introduce another new character so late in the narrative. Jackson joked that Imrahil could have been filled as a cameo role by Arnold Schwarzenegger (a joke which neither Philipa Boyens or Fran Walsh understood in the commentary).

House of Dol Amroth


Denethor = Finduilas Imrahil

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| | | | | Boromir Faramir Elphir Erchirion Amrothos Lothíriel = Éomer

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