List of contemporary classical ensembles

List of contemporary classical ensembles

This page lists ensembles that specialise in contemporary classical music.

* Accessible Contemporary Music
* Ahn Trio
* Alarm Will Sound
* American Modern Ensemble
* Arditti Quartet
* Armadillo String Quartet
* Arraymusic
* Asko Ensemble
* AXIOM Ensemble
* Bang on a Can All-Stars
* The California EAR Unit
* Concorde
* The Corigliano Quartet
* Da Capo Chamber Players
* Dynamis Ensemble
* eighth blackbird
* Elision Contemporary Music Ensemble (based at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane, Australia)
* Ensemble InterContemporain
* Ensemble Modern
* Ethel
* the f (x)
* Flexible Music []
* Gamelan Son of Lion
* Group 180
* Hyperion Ensemble
* Ives Ensemble
* Icebreaker
* International Contemporary Ensemble
* Kronos Quartet
* Libra
* Motion Ensemble
* Newband
* Offerta Musicale Ensemble
* Orchestra 2001
* Oslo Sinfonietta
* Philip Glass Ensemble
* piano"circus"
* Present Music
* PRISM Saxophone Quartet
* RenegadeEnsemble
* Relâche
* Schoenberg ensemble
* S.E.M. Ensemble
* Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players
* Tambuco
* Thelema Trio
* The Silesian String Quartet
* Steve Reich and Musicians (Steve Reich Ensemble)
* Topology
* Threnody Ensemble
* The University of Chicago Contemporary Chamber Players
* Xenakis Ensemble

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