World Snooker Championship 2005

World Snooker Championship 2005

The 2005 Embassy World Snooker Championship took place between the 16 April and 2 May 2005 at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield England. Ronnie O'Sullivan looked to defend his world title which he won in 2004, but the final winner was the relatively fresh faced Shaun Murphy, beating Matthew Stevens by 18 frames to 16 in the final.

Notable Moments

Notable moments from the championship include:

* The eventual winner, Shaun Murphy, was 150-1 to win at the start of the tournament & became the first qualifier to win the tournament since Terry Griffiths in 1979.

* John Parrott failed to qualify for the first time in his career, losing to Fergal O'Brien.

* Paul Hunter played his first match since being diagnosed with stomach cancer. He lost to Michael Holt 8-10. The following year would be his last competitive snooker match before his death in October 2006.

* Mark Williams made only the 6th 147 maximum break at the World Championships in his first round 10-1 win against Robert Milkins

* Steve Davis made his first quarter-final since 1996. He was also the oldest at the age of 47 years and 8 months since Ray Reardon who was 52 years and 6 months in 1985.

* This was the very last Embassy sponsored World Championship due to new legislation preventing the advertising of tobacco products in the UK coming into force. would take the sponosorship the next year and will do until 2010.

* There were 64 centuries in the 2005 World Snooker Championship.


World Snooker Championship Rounds
|flagicon|Scotland Stephen Hendry|10|flagicon|Australia Neil Robertson|7
|flagicon|England Anthony Hamilton|10|flagicon|England David Gray|8
|flagicon|England Jimmy White|10|flagicon|Ireland Fergal O'Brien|5
|flagicon|Wales Matthew Stevens|10|flagicon|England Andy Hicks|5
|flagicon|Scotland Alan McManus|10|flagicon|Scotland Drew Henry|9
|flagicon|Ireland Ken Doherty|10|flagicon|England Barry Pinches|5
|flagicon|England Ian McCulloch|10|flagicon|Scotland Graeme Dott|9
|flagicon|Wales Mark Williams|10|flagicon|England Robert Milkins|1
|flagicon|England Ronnie O'Sullivan|10|flagicon|Scotland Stephen Maguire|9
|flagicon|England Ali Carter|10|flagicon|Hong Kong Marco Fu|4
|flagicon|England Stephen Lee|10|flagicon|Malta Tony Drago|5
|flagicon|England Peter Ebdon|10|flagicon|Australia Quinten Hann|2
|flagicon|Scotland John Higgins|10|flagicon|England Mark Selby|5
|flagicon|England Shaun Murphy|10|flagicon|Scotland Chris Small|5
|flagicon|England Steve Davis|10|flagicon|Northern Ireland Gerard Greene|9
|flagicon|England Michael Holt|10|flagicon|England Paul Hunter|8
|flagicon|Scotland Stephen Hendry|13|flagicon|England Anthony Hamilton|3
|flagicon|England Jimmy White|5|flagicon|Wales Matthew Stevens|13
|flagicon|Scotland Alan McManus|13|flagicon|Ireland Ken Doherty|11
|flagicon|England Ian McCulloch|13|flagicon|Wales Mark Williams|12
|flagicon|England Ronnie O'Sullivan|13|flagicon|England Ali Carter|7
|flagicon|England Stephen Lee|9|flagicon|England Peter Ebdon|13
|flagicon|Scotland John Higgins|8|flagicon|England Shaun Murphy|13
|flagicon|England Steve Davis|13|flagicon|England Michael Holt|10
|flagicon|Scotland Stephen Hendry|11|flagicon|Wales Matthew Stevens|13
|flagicon|Scotland Alan McManus|8|flagicon|England Ian McCulloch|13
|flagicon|England Ronnie O'Sullivan|11|flagicon|England Peter Ebdon|13
|flagicon|England Shaun Murphy|13|flagicon|England Steve Davis|4
|flagicon|Wales Matthew Stevens|17|flagicon|England Ian McCulloch|14
|flagicon|England Peter Ebdon|12|flagicon|England Shaun Murphy|17
("Best of 35 frames") Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, 1 May & 2 May, 2005. Referee: Eirian Williams
flagicon|Wales Matthew Stevens
Shaun Murphy flagicon|England
"30"-67, 98-0, 103-20, "55"-68, 65-29, 65-22, "34"-76, 56-46, 58-53, 70-38, "0"-125, "6"-79, 105-24, 86-5, "9"-103, 68-58, "22"-78, "11"-84, 64-5, "60"-80, "0"-137, "57"-64, 88-20, "1"-131, "35"-72, 95-0, "4"-81, "37"-68, 83-1, "35"-85, 124-0, 71-1, "0"-97, "28"-83
4 Century Breaks (1 for Matthew Stevens, 3 for Shaun Murphy). Highest break 137, by Shaun Murphy
30-67, 98-"0", 103-"20", 55-68, 65-"29", 65-"22", 34-76, 56-"46", 58-"53", 70-"38", 0-125, 6-79, 105-"24", 86-"5", 9-103, 68-"58", 22-78, 11-84, 64-"5", 60-80, 0-137, 57-64, 88-"20", 1-131, 35-72, 95-"0", 4-81, 37-68, 83-"1", 35-85, 124-"0", 71-"1", 0-97, 28-83
flagicon|England Shaun Murphy wins the 2005 Embassy World Snooker Championship
"Best of 19 frames"
"Best of 25 frames"
"Best of 25 frames"
"Best of 33 frames"

Highest Break

147 by Mark Williams.


The matches were played at Pontin's, Prestatyn Sandys in February and March 2005.

*Players in bold qualify to play in the main draw of the World Championship.


1st Round (Best of 19 Frames)

Stuart Mann 10-8 Liu Song

Justin Astley 10-9 Steve James

Hugh Abernethy 10-6 Matt Selt

Ben Woolaston 10-6 Mark Joyce

Lee Spick 10-5 David Gilbert

Craig Steadman 10-9 Kurt Maflin

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* [ Full Qualifying results at Global Snooker Centre]
* [ BBC page]

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