Firefly (disambiguation)

Firefly (disambiguation)

Firefly is a common name for a bioluminescent beetle in the Lampyridae family.

Firefly may also refer to:

Media and fiction

Film and television

* "Firefly" (TV series), a science fiction TV program created by Joss Whedon
* "Firefly" (film), a 2005 independent film directed by Pete Marcy
* "Fireflies" (TV series), a 2004 Australian TV series
* "The Firefly" (film), the 1937 film adaptation of the Rudolf Friml operetta starring Allan Jones
* "Firefly's Adventure", alternate title of "My Little Pony" (pilot episode)"


* "Firefly", a science fiction novel by Piers Anthony
* "Fireflies", a memoir by David Morrell
* "The Firefly", novel by P. T. Deutermann


* Firefly (comics), a Batman villain
* Firefly (Archie), a character in the Archie comic book universe
* Firefly (G.I. Joe), a character in the G.I. Joe comic book universe
* The Firefly family, a group of characters created by Rob Zombie
* Rufus T. Firefly, a character played by Groucho Marx in the film "Duck Soup"



* Fire Flies, an American rock band based in New York City
* The Fireflies, an American doo wop group
* Firefly Sessions, a record label
* The Fireflys a hard rock band from Runcorn, England


* "Fireflies" (Faith Hill album) (2005)
* "Firefly" (album), a 1977 album by the British rock band Uriah Heep
* "Firefly" (TNT album) (1997)
* "The Firefly", a 1912 operetta by Rudolf Friml


* "FireFly", a single by UK band InMe
* "Fire Fly", a song by Mike Oldfield on his "Tres Lunas" album
* "Firefly", a song by Saves the Day on their "Stay What You Are" album
* "Firefly", a song by Breaking Benjamin on their "We Are Not Alone" album
* "Firefly", a song by A*Teens on their "Teen Spirit" album
* "Firefly", a song by J-pop band BeForU on their self-titled album
* "Fireflies", a song by Rhett Miller on his "The Believer" album
* "Fireflies", a song by Patti Smith from her 1996 album "Gone Again"



* Firefly (airline) is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines.
* Fairey Firefly, a 1940's British, naval, reconnaissance and fighter aircraft.
* Ryan AQM-91 Firefly, an American unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.
* Slingsby T-67 Firefly, a British-built, light, training aircraft.


* "Firefly", a steam locomotive operated by the Orange and Alexandria Railroad.
* "Firefly" (passenger train), operated by the St. Louis - San Francisco Railway.
* GWR Firefly Class, a class of steam locomotive on the Great Western Railway.


* Firefly (dinghy), a sailing dinghy.
* Pontiac Firefly, a subcompact automobile based on the Suzuki Cultus.
* Sherman Firefly, a British variant of the M4 Sherman military tank.


* Firefly (mobile phone), a simplified cellphone designed for young children.
* Firefly (protocol), a security protocol used in telephony.
* Firefly (computer), a supercomputer

In computing

* Firefly BSD, a computer operating system forked from FreeBSD
* Firefly Media Server, an open source media server for the Roku SoundBridge and iTunes
* Firefly (website), an online community developed in the late 1990's
* Firefly (video game), a video game by Jonathan Smith
* DEC Firefly, the first successful multiprocessor workstation architecture implementation
* Firefly Studios, a London based computer game developer
* Firefly Design, a New England based digital media house.
* Firefly, an extension that lets you use Firefox as a File Manager


* Firefly AB, a Swedish manufacturer of fire and dust explosion protection systems
* Firefly Arts Collective, a New England regional burning event
* Firefly Brigade, a Philippine environmentalist group advocating the use of bicycles
* Firefly Energy (also as Firefly Technology) a developer of foam-plate lead-acid batteries
* Firefly Tonics, an English producer of fruit juice drinks with added herbal extracts

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