Lunenburg English

Lunenburg English

Lunenburg English is a dialect of English, spoken in the towns of Lunenburg and Bridgewater in the province of Nova Scotia. It is sometimes called the "Bridgewater Accent" by locals and those in the surrounding areas of Nova ScotiaFact|date=November 2007.

The accent can be linked to the ethnicity of the area's citizens, the majority of whom consist of people of German, Swiss, French (from the Montbeliard region) and British origins, descendants of late 18th century Protestant settlers. These immigrants have greatly affected the English that is heard in the areaFact|date=November 2007.

This part of Canada is said to have the only non-rhotic accent in the whole countryFact|date=November 2007.


*farm is "fahm" IPA|/fam/
*cord is "cahd" IPA|/kɑd/ (like cod as in fish)
*world is "weld" IPA|/wɜld/

German words are also prevalentFact|date=November 2007 but are losing ground due to a lack in Canadian media, and rhoticity seems to be gaining ground in the some of the youth population while non-rhotic speech is spoken by the agedFact|date=November 2007.

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