Roxxon Energy Corporation

Roxxon Energy Corporation

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debut="Captain America" #180 (December 1974)
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Roxxon Energy Corporation (also known as Roxxon, formerly known as Roxxon Oil Company) is the name of a fictional massive petroleum corporation owned by Aleksander Lukin and run by August D'Angelo.cite book | last = Sanderson | first = Peter | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = The Marvel Comics Guide to New York City | publisher = Pocket Books | date = 2007 | location = New York City | pages = 7 | url = | doi = | id = | isbn = 1-14653-141-6] The company appears in comic book stories published by Marvel Comics and exists in that company's shared universe, known as the Marvel Universe. It first appeared in "Captain America #180" (Dec 1974), created by Steve Englehart. The company is currently a wholely-owned subsidiary of Kronas Corporation.

Fictional company history

Roxxon is the world's largest conglomerate. Roxxon is notorious for its determination to make massive profits regardless of any laws or moral principles, and continually covertly uses unethical and illegal means to increase its profits. As such, it is involved in numerous criminal plots that require the opposition of the various superheroes to stop. The name of the company resembles that of Exxon, an American petroleum company often criticized for its profiteering at the expense of the environment.

While this fictional company has encountered numerous superheroes, it has most notably been at odds with Iron Man, as in a storyline called "The Iron Age" where it was revealed that agents of Roxxon Oil killed Tony Stark's parents. Roxxon has also regularly been at odds with regarding energy sources as the latter has been involved with alternative energy research that could hurt Roxxon's oil profitability.

The central division of the Roxxon conglomerate is Roxxon Oil; subsidiaries include Metrobank and the Brand Corporation, a scientific research and development firm which has conducted many projects for the federal government. Brand is another for-profit company that has specialized in creating superhumans; while Brand is usually considered a Roxxon subsidiary, it has sometimes made its own decisions and acted independently.

Roxxon has its own army-like security task force, and has employed a number of special agents, many of whom it has given superhuman abilities.

The former head of the company, Hugh Jones, had been arrested several times but has never been convicted to date.

In at least one possible future, Roxxon is still a viable company in the year 2099. In Spider-Man 2099 #1, Tyler Stone (the head of Alchemax) mentions Roxxon while listing megacorporations of his era.

In the mini-series Great Lakes Avengers, a character named the Grasshopper was introduced. Real name Douglas Taggert, he was an employee of Roxxon, wearing a suit of cybernetic armor themed like a grasshopper developed by them to defend the company. After accepting an invitation to join the GLA, he was killed by a villain named Zaran literally seconds afterwards.

In the following GLX-Mas special, the villain Killer Shrike (himself a former employee of Roxxon) attempted to steal "Project Z" from the company, but was stopped by a new Grasshopper, who defeated the villain. He also died mere minutes later after activating the suit's maximum jump, which launched him into space.

Since then the Red Skull, inside the body of former Soviet General Aleksander Lukin, has used Lukin's powerful Kronas Corporation, and the Cosmic Cube, in order to buy out Roxxon. It is unclear what effect this will have on Roxxon's actions in the future.



*Aleksander Lukin (owner)
*August D'Angelo (Chairman of the Board) ["Alpha Flight" #12]
*Douglas Bravner (Sunturion Project executive) ["Iron Man Annual" #9]
*Jonas Hale (director of Research) ["Iron Man" #120] - also former chief operations director of Republic Oil and Natural Gas
*Samuel Higgins (Facility Director, Denver) ["Alpha Flight" #87] - utilized James Hudson as a power source following his return from Quwrlln, he later recruited Madison Jeffries to assist Windshear on a mission and also presided over the facility developing Omega-32, which was raided by the Beetle
*Carrington Pax (executive in the West Coast division) ["Iron Man" #220]
*Huck Petrie (executive) ["Howard the Duck Annual" #1]
*Benedict Pierce (Director of Sea-Going Operations) ["Captain America" #251]
*Brian Sagar (Vice President)
*Mike Tappan (executive under Carrington Pax) ["Iron Man" #220]
*Terence Gerard ["Spider-Man Unlimited" #22]
*Michael Brady ["Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos"] - executive of the Roxxon Chemical Division
*Reuben Kincaid ["Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos"] - executive, murdered by Michael Brady.

Former Executives

*Clayton Burr (President of International Relations) ["Deathlok" #1] - supervised Cybertek
*Brandon Chambers (executive) ["Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth: Designer Genes"] - sponsored his brother Phillip's DNA experiments not realizing that their other brother Mitchell was the subject
*Mr. Clarkson (Vice President, Texas) ["Captain America" vol. 4 #18] - was killed by Crossbones ["Captain America" vol. 5 #18]
*Ian Forbes (director, Belfast facility) ["Web of Spider-Man" #22]
*Calvin Halderman (President) ["Captain American '99"]
*Curtis Henshaw (executive, R&D, Bolivian facility) ["Spider-Man Unlimited" #22]
*Jerome "Jerry" K. Jaxon (Associate Vice President of Special Developments) ["Alpha Flight" #6]
*Hugh Jones(owner&President&CEO) ["Captain America" #180]
*John T. Gamelin (director of Foreign Operations ["Marvel Team-Up" #87] , later President ["Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition" #11] )
*Don Kaminski (President) ["Captain America '99"]
*Simon Krieger (Vice President, Republic Oil & Natural Gas) ["Iron Man: The Iron Age" #1]
*Linden Laswell (executive, the Latveria project) ["Spider-Man Unlimited" vol. 2 #16]
*Jonathan Darque (Magma) (project head, Temple Corners, VA) ["Web of Spider-Man" #17]
*Henry Mason (Vice-President) ["Savage She-Hulk" #5]


*Bill (helicopter pilot, Long Island)
*Carson (security operative)
*Chester (floating oil refinery worker)
*Chief Compton (underground NYC facility supervisor) ["Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night" #1]
*Larry Curtiss (security operative) ["Iron Man Annual" #12]
*Davis (scientist, assistant to Jonas Harrow)
*Delvecchio (underground NYC facility) ["Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night" #1]
*Jim Dworman (former Cybertek programmer, in charge of Cybertek's shutdown) ["Deathlok" vol. 2 #1]
*Gail (secretary to Carrington Pax)
*Gordon (underground NYC facility) ["Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night" #1]
*Grist (underground NYC facility security)
*Jake (security guard, Denver) ["Thunderbolts" #35]
*Joe (floating oil refinery worker)
*Juan (executive asst. to Hale in San Francisco)
*Ms. Loring (scientist under Hale, Nuform project)
*Missy(agent) ["Iron Man Annual" #12]
*Patrick Nestor (company spokesman) ["Civil War: Fallen Son Daily Bugle Special" #1]
*Dr. Malachi Oz (scientist) ["Marvel Comics Presents" #76]
*Riki(boardroom chair, One Roxxon Plaza) ["Namor" #3]
*Cindy Shelton (lead researcher)
*"Agger" (assistant to Huck Petrie) ["Howard the Duck Annual" #1]
*Raymond Sikorski (recruiter with Roxxon Blackridge) ["Thunderbolts" #113]
*Miss Simpkins (secretary, Hydropolis) ["Namor" #3]
*Walter (executive assistant to President Gamelin) ["Marvel Team-Up" #87]
*Jillan Woods (Sepulchre) (agent for Roxxon Blackridge) ["Thunderbolts" #114]
*Chief Wyngard (underground NYC facility supervisor) ["Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night" #1]
*Michael Thomas (sleeper agent working at Stark International) ["Iron Man" #142]
*Alvie Walton (Snow Valley service station) ["Generation X: Genogoths"]

Former staff

*Cary Albertson (scientist, bio-chip project, Sault Ste. Marie facility)
*Babs Bendix (secretary) ["Iron Man Annual" #9]
*Blair (agent) ["Avengers Spotlight" #40]
*Kenneth H. Bradley (covert operative, former Brand security) ["Captain America '99"]
*Phillip Chambers (scientist)
*Roberta "Bobbie" Haggert (scientist on Omega-32 project) ["Thunderbolts" #35] - assassinated by Scourge ["Thunderbolts" #36]
*Seth Hanks (child savant, unwilling employee) ["Web of Spider-Man" #16]
*Paul Hazlett (Raptor) (scientist) ["Marvel Super-Heroes" vol. 3 #1]
*Dan Jermain (Danger Man) (former security inspector) ["She-Hulk" #1]
*Kelly (underground NYC facility security)
*Kristy (assistant to Mr. Clarkson) ["Captain America" vol. 4 #18] - murdered by Sin & Crossbones
*Lewis (underground NYC facility security)
*Alexander Lipton (scientist) ["Avengers Spotlight" #40] - was murdered
*Mischa and Yuri (biochemists) ["Marvel Comics Presents" #75]
*Moyer (agent) ["Avengers Spotlight" #40]
*Duncan O'Neill (mole within MI-5: British Secret Agent 003) ["Web of Spider-Man" #22]
*Dr. Gerald Roth
*Schroeder (underground NYC facility security)
*Jack Rollins ["Nick Fury vs S.H.I.E.L.D." #1] - a sleeper agent for Nick Fury
*Steve (security guard - Long Island Research Complex) ["Iron Man: Steel Terror"]


*Delphine Courtney (assistant to Jerry Jaxon) ["Alpha Flight" #11]
*Cypress (assassin) ["Marvel Comics Presents" #75] - targeted Mikhail and Yuri but was opposed by Meggan and Shadowcat
*Dogs of War ["Iron Man: The Iron Age" #2] - agents of Simon Krueger who assisted in the attempted defamation of Tony Stark.
*Douglas Taggert (Grasshopper) (armored security) ["GLA" #1]
*Neil Shelton (Grasshopper) (armored security) ["GLX-Mas Special" #1]
*Simon Maddicks (Killer Shrike) ["Marvel Super-Heroes" vol. 3 #1] - bodyguard of Brand's Jersey branch leader, James Melvin.
*Manticore ["Ghost Rider" #27] - original worked under Brand Corp.
*Jason Quartermaster (scientist, superhuman) ["Spider-Man Unlimited" #22] - worked for Rand-Meachum and was a double agent for Roxxon. He was knocked into own universal solvent by Luke Cage.
*Saboteur (armored agent) ["Iron Man: The Iron Age" #1] - she acted as an agent of Republic Oil and Natural Gas in an attempt to sabotage Stark Industries but she was defeated by Iron Man. She would later be killed by Grim Reaper ["Heroes for Hire" vol. 3 #7]
*Serpent Squad ["Marvel Two-in-One" #65]
**Blanche "Blondie" Sitznski (Anaconda)
**Tanya Sealy (Black Mamba)
**Roland Burroughs (Death Adder) - would later be killed by the Scourge of the Underworld ["Avengers Annual" #16] .
**Seth Voelker (Sidewinder)
*S.H.I.E.L.D. Mandroids
*Sandy Vincent (Stratosfire) (secretary; superhuman) ["Iron Man Annual" #9] - She was empowered in a similar manner to Sunturion but acted as a hero to improve Roxxon’s public image; she was killed by Sunturion who activated Roxxon’s Zed Control Unit within her armour. ["Iron Man Annual" #9]
*Colin Ashworthe Hume (Windshear) (enhanced mutant) ["Alpha Flight" #87]

Hired agents

*Thomas Agar ["Marvel Team-Up" #87]
*Assault & Battery [Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." vol. 2 #33]
*Coldblood-7 ["Excalibur: Air Apparent" #1]
*Firebolt ["Marvel Super-Heroes" vol. 3 #3]
*Flag-Smasher (mind-controlled operative) ["Captain America '99"]
*Dr. Jonas Harrow (scientist, Rye Research Facility & underground NYC facility)
*Hellrazor ["Marvel Team-Up" #87]
*Col. Buzz Baxter (Mad Dog) ["Amazing Adventures" #13]
*Mycroft ["Iron Man" #316]
*Omega Flight ["Alpha Flight" #11]
*Overrider ["Captain America Annual" #8]
*Smokescream ["Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." vol. 2 #33]
*Spymaster ["Iron Man" #220] - hired by Roxxon to kill the Ghost but ended up being killed by Ghost ["Iron Man" #220]
*Voice ["Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." vol. 2 #33]
*Jennifer Walters (attorney)
*Ghost was hired to sabotage Accutech Research and Development ["Iron Man" #220] , which was bought by Tony Stark. He has had many encounters with Iron Man.
*The Grapplers made an attempt to ransack "Project Pegasus".
*Modular Man
*Nth Man was about to destroy what remained of the Project. He was also halted.
*Orka battled the Avengers in Jamaica, Queens.
*Squadron Supreme
*Arthur Dearborn (Sunturion) ["Iron Man" #142] .
*Mutated Tarantula (Anton Miguel Rodriguez), his transformation into a super-being went wrong after it was disturbed by Will o' the Wisp.
*Will o' the Wisp ["Spectacular Spider-Man" #235] - had his molecules torn apart after Brand's experiment went haywire and put together by Spider-Man and Dr. Marla Madison. He's still seeking revenge on Brand.
*Firebolt ["Marvel Super-Heroes" vol. 3 #3] - hired to destroy experiments at .

Other versions

Ultimate Roxxon

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe the Roxxon Corporation is also responsible for creating supervillains, although its owner, Donald Roxxon, seems to have little idea what the company actually does. In "Ultimate Spider-Man" he was targeted by a former employee who took the identity of the Tinkerer, and hired Silver Sable to track down Spider-Man, as he believed the hero knew who was responsible.

Among those who attacked Roxxon were Killer Shrike, Omega Red, Vulture, and The Spot with the former three being hired by Tinkerer and the latter one being created in an accident at Roxxon. It is also revealed that Herman Schultz was also a former employee of Roxxon Corporation, whom Roxxon got to design weapons before terminating his employment to the company, forcing him to a life of crime. [Ultimate Spider-Man #122] Herman Schultz also stated that even if Spider-Man was able to bring down Roxxon "two more would grow in its place", seemingly hinting Ultimate Roxxon to be Ultimate HYDRA.


* Roxxon exists in the Amalgam universe and is similar to the main Roxxon. ["JLX" #1]

Roxxon 2099

*Roxxon is still going strong in the alternate future of 2099 and is one of the main major corporations ["Spider-Man 2099" #1]

Other Media


* The Roxxon logo and corporate headquarters appear briefly in the background of the 2008 Iron Man film during the climactic fight scene.

Video games

* Roxxon appears in the background of the 2000 Spider-Man video game.


External links

* [ Roxxon] at Marvel Appendix
* [ Roxxon's Brand Corporation] at Marvel Appendix

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