Body of ischium

Body of ischium

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Name = Body of ischium
Latin = corpus ossis ischii
GraySubject = 57
GrayPage = 235

Caption = Right hip bone. External surface. (Ischium is at bottom left.)

Caption2 = Capsule of hip-joint (distended). Posterior aspect.
System =
MeshName =
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DorlandsPre = c_56
DorlandsSuf = 12260665
The body of the ischium enters into and constitutes a little more than two-fifths of the acetabulum.


Its "external surface" forms part of the lunate surface of the acetabulum and a portion of the acetabular fossa.

Its "internal surface" is part of the wall of the lesser pelvis; it gives origin to some fibers of the Obturator internus.


Its "anterior border" projects as the posterior obturator tubercle.

From its "posterior border" there extends backward a thin and pointed triangular eminence, the ischial spine, more or less elongated in different subjects.

Above and below the spine

"Above" the spine is a large notch, the greater sciatic notch.

"Below" the spine is a smaller notch, the lesser sciatic notch.


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