BCE (disambiguation)

BCE (disambiguation)

BCE is a three letter acronym, that may stand for:

* Before the Common Era, also "Before the Current Era", the politically correct alternative to BC (Before Christ).
* European Central Bank in some Romance languages (e.g., "Banco Central Europeo")
* Banco Central del Ecuador
* The office complex in downtown Toronto, Canada formerly known as BCE Place, now Brookfield Place.
* Bachelor of Civil Engineering
* Bell Canada Enterprises, Canada's largest telecom corporation
* Blue Chip Expert, a web site which calls itself "The Premier Talent Source"
* British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority reporting mark|BCE
* Broadcasting Center Europe
* Book Club Edition - a cheaper, smaller, and lighter edition of a standard print book.
* Best Comic Ever - A webcomic which often derives humour from computer games.
* Benefit Crystallisation Event - a term introduced by the UK Finance Act 2004.
* Behind Crimson Eyes, a hard rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
* Basic Check enhanced, a security clearance level required of certain categories of civil servants in the UK.
* Basic Chess Endings, a chess book on chess endgames by Reuben Fine
* Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, the Hungarian name for Corvinus University of Budapest.

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