Local derby

Local derby

In many countries the term local derby, or simply just derby (pronounced UK: /ˈdɑrbi/ dar-bee or US: /ˈdɜrbi/ dur-bee; see American and British English differences) means a sporting fixture between two, generally local, rivals, particularly in association football. In North America, "crosstown rivalry" is a more common term.



The phrase most likely originated from The Derby, a horse race in England, founded by the 12th Earl of Derby in 1780, since at least as early as 1840 'derby' has been used as a noun in English to denote any kind of sporting contest. A local derby is just a sporting contest between local rivals. It may be that the Earl, and his ancestors, are responsible for lending their family name to sporting events, giving rise to the 'derby' match.

Another widely reported theory, though not accepted by the Oxford English Dictionary, is that the phrase came about from the city of Derby itself. The traditional Shrovetide football match was also commonplace in the city. It was renowned as a chaotic and exuberant game that involved the whole town and often resulted in fatalities. The goals were at Nuns Mill in the north and the Gallows Balk in the south of the town, and much of the action took place in the Derwent river or Markeaton brook. Nominally the players came from All Saints' and St Peter's parishes, but in practice the game was a free-for-all with as many as 1,000 players. A Frenchman who observed the match in 1829 wrote in horror, 'if Englishmen call this play, it would be impossible to say what they call fighting'. Though this has been refuted by the Oxford dictionary and hailed as "nothing apart from local folklore ... after all, the phrase isn't 'a local Ashbourne'."[1]

Yet another theory is that the 'derby match' saying arose from when Liverpool played Everton. Their two grounds were separated by Stanley Park, owned by the Earl of Derby. This latter suggestion can be discounted, however. The Widnes Weekly News of 9 March 1889 describes a game between the (rugby) football team of that town and the touring Māori as 'the local Derby'. This usage was three years before Liverpool FC came into existence.

Another theory is that the term applies not to the match itself but to the size of the crowd. In the early years of the twentieth century, the largest sporting crowd in England was at the annual Derby horserace meeting where more than half a million people would pack Epsom Downs to watch the race. At that time football matches were attended entirely by 'home' supporters – the concept of the 'away supporter' lay many years into the future as the largely working-class crowds could not afford to follow their teams around the country. Supporters watched the first team and reserves who were 'at home' on alternate Saturdays. The only exception came when two teams from the same town played one another. Then the 'home' supporters of both teams would turn up, producing the largest gate of the season. The term 'local derby' was coined by the press as an analogy to the Derby race crowd. In time the expression came to refer to the match rather than the size of the crowd.


'Derby' is commonly used to signify matches between teams in the same town or region. Though the term is rarely applied to international matches, matches between any two of the four British national teams (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are sometimes referred to as a "British derby", the most recent of which took place during the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifying stage when England, Wales and Northern Ireland were all drawn in the same group.

The city of Derby, United Kingdom itself does not have a football rivalry within the city as there is only one major club Derby County F.C.. At one point there was a rivalry within the city between Derby County and Derby Midland; however, the two clubs merged. Derby County's main football rival is generally seen as Nottingham Forest.

Derbies usually have a much more heated atmosphere between the fans and often the players of the two clubs. For some derbies, an added source of tension between the two clubs can be political or sectarian rivalry.

An example of sectarian rivalry is in the Old Firm derby between the two leading clubs of Glasgow in Scotland. The Old Firm derby is arguably the biggest derby match in sport, due to the profile of the clubs and their historic rivalry. It should be noted that the Old Firm derby normally takes place four times per season in the Scottish Premier League, thereby making it a more common fixture than other major derbies. In the matches between Celtic and Rangers, the two clubs are widely perceived as respectively representing the Catholic and Protestant populations of Glasgow.


Association football





It is the strongest Derby in the Arab region, Africa and the Middle East as a whole. Derby is considered by all the Arabs at club level because of popular clubs in the Arab region, and also because the interest of some international newspapers, and transportation on some international channels to be available for all to see.

  • Derby Brothers enemies: El-Ahly vs Ismaily SC
  • Derby Friends: Zamalek SC vs Ismaily SC
  • Derby Canal (Suez Canal): Ismaily SC vs El-Masry



  • Ghana Clasico: Heart of Oaks (Accra) vs Asante Kotoko (Kumasi)
  • Accra Derbies:
  • Heart of Oaks (Accra) vs Great Olympics (Accra)
  • Heart of Oaks (Accra) vs Liberty Professionals (Accra)
  • Great Olympics (Accra) vs Liberty Professionals (Accra)
  • Kumasi Derby: Asante Kotoko (Kumasi) vs King Faisal (Kumasi)


Top Libyan football derbies

Top Tripoli football derbies

Top Benghazi football derbies



South Africa



  • Dar-Es-Salaam Derby – Young Africans S.C. (YANGA) vs Simba S.C. (SIMBA)




  • Harare Derby – CAPS United vs Dynamos F.C. – Football
  • Bulawayo Derby – Highlanders vs Zimbabwe Saints – Football
  • Battle of Zimbabwe – Highlanders vs Dynamos F.C. – Football
  • Battle of the Cities – CAPS United vs Highlanders – Football
  • Midlands Derby – Lancashire Steel vs Shabanie – Football















  • Satria Muda BritAma vs XL Aspac


Tehran: Perspolis - Esteghlal



  • Kaveh Tehran vs Saba Battery BC
  • Mahram vs Saba Battery BC


  • Tehran Derby – Paykan Tehran VC vs Saipa Tehran VC
  • Urmia Derby – Pegah Urmia vs Uroomdasht Urmia








Association football



  • Amman Derby – Al-Faisaly vs Al-Wahdat
  • Irbid Derby – Al-Hussien vs Ramtha
  • Camp Derby – Al-Wahdat vs Al-Baqaa
  • Beginning of Amman Derby – Al-Faisaly vs Shabab Al-Ordon


  • Amman's Derby – ZAIN basketball team vs ORTHODOX basketball team


  • Seoul-Pyongyang rivalry – Gyeongseong FC vs Pyongyang FC – Football (1929–1946)
Korea's two biggest city GyeongseongSeoul's old name and Pyongyang's football club match

This is the national derby by 1949. but stopped due to Korean War in 1950

Named after Dongdaemun Stadium of 3 Seoul based teams home stadium. This Derby stoppted since 1996, due to K-League's decentralization policy and 3 temas has relocated.
Named after the hill on the South Korea National Route 1 which connects there two cities, Jijidae Derby stopped since 2004, because Anyang LG Cheetahs has relocated to Seoul and changed the name to 'FC Seoul'
From 2004 to now. Old name is Jijidae Derby. Because Anyang LG Cheetahs has relocated to Seoul and changed the name. Its nickname is Super Match.


  • Al Qadisiya Kuwait vs Al Arabi Kuwait – all types of sports games, but mainly Football.




Local derbies are confined to college rivalries, since teams from the biggest professional league, the Philippine Basketball Association, represent companies, not locales.

The defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association which had teams representing locales, had some notable derbies:


With the emergence of football in the country, the semi-professional United Football League has become increasingly popular, and notable derbies are being formed:


  • Super Derby – Al-Rayan vs Al-Sadd – Football
  • Hilal Derby – Al-Arabi vs Al-Ahli (Qatar) – Football

Saudi Arabia




  • Football, partially Basketball:
  • Damascus Derby I – Al-Wahda vs Al-Jaish Damascus
  • Damascus Derby II – Al-Wahda vs Al-Majd
  • Aleppo Derby – Al-Ittihad Aleppo vs Al-Hurriya
  • Northwestern Derby I – Umayya Idlib vs Al-Ittihad Aleppo
  • Northwestern Derby II or Kurdish-Arabic Derby II – Umayya Idlib vs Afrin
  • Idlib Derby – Umayya Idlib vs Saraqeb
  • Euphrates Derby or Kurdish-Arabic Derby I – Al-Jihad Al-Qameshli vs Al-Fatwa Dayr Al-Sour
  • Latakia Derby – Tishreen vs Hutteen
  • Western Derby – Tishreen vs Al-Karameh
  • Coastal Region Derby – Tishreen vs Jabala
  • Homs Derby – Al-Karameh vs Al-Wathbah
  • Hama Derby – Al-Taleiah vs Al-Nawaeir



United Arab Emirates





  • Wien derby (Vienna Derby) – Rapid Wien vs Austria Wien (Football – 286 Matches since 1911: Rapid 119, Draws 63, Austria 104)
  • Little Vienna Derby – Vienna FC vs Wiener SK (Football)
  • Graz Derby – Sturm Graz vs Grazer AK (Football)
  • Lustenau Derby – FC Lustenau vs Austria Lustenau (Football)
  • Ländle Derby – Games between Austria Lustenau, FC Lustenau, SCR Altach and/or FC Mohrenbräu Dornbirn (Football)
  • West Derby – Salzburg vs Innsbruck (Football)


Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • The Eternal Derby – Levski Sofia vs CSKA Sofia
  • Sofia Derby – Levski Sofia or CSKA Sofia vs Slavia Sofia or Lokomotiv Sofia – Football
  • Plovdiv Derby – Botev Plovdiv vs Lokomotiv Plovdiv, as well as Maritsa Plovdiv vs Spartak Plovdiv – Football
  • Bourgas Derby – Neftochimic Burgas 1986 vs PSFC Chernomorets Burgas – Football
  • Central North Bulgaria Derby – Etar Veliko Tarnovo vs Lokomotiv Gorna Oriahovitza – Football
  • Varna Derby – Cherno More vs Spartak Varna – Football
  • The coastal Derby – Naftex Burgas – Spartak Varna


Czech Republic






Ice Hockey



Rugby union






Ice Hockey


  • Thessalia derbies:
  • West Thessaly derby – Trikala vs Karditsa – Football



Újpest vs Vasas Újpest vs MTK Vasas vs MTK MTK vs Bp. Honvéd Bp. Honvéd vs Vasas



  • Újpesti TE vs Ferencvárosi TC


  • KRÍA Derby (Icelandic for Arctic Tern) – KR vs Í.A.

Njarðvík – Keflavík (In basketball)


Rugby union

Gaelic games

Due to the nature of the Provincial structure of Gaelic games, games within a province are considered derbies, counties often border many other counties Offaly for example is connected to eight other counties; matches against these are also considered derbies. Some of the most notable derbies are listed below.

Gaelic football




Traditional city derbies
Regional and other derbies


Rugby union





Floriana is a suburb of Malta's capital city of Valletta and generally Floriana fans are taunted about being the "carpet" to the capital city (Valletta). However, the Floriana supporters ('ta' l-Irish') always taunt Valletta about the fact that a few years back, Valletta was full of British and Allied Militars frequenting the city. Both clubs hold a lion as their mascot since there is a statue of a lion looking at Valletta in Floriana.[5]

This is the newest Premiership derby on the Maltese Islands. Hibernians FC are by far the most successful but Tarxien are building a strong squad for the future. The 1st derby was played in the 1986–87 and resulted in a 1-0 victory for Hibernians, though the next meeting Tarxien caused an upset by winning 1-0. In the nineties they met 4 times, all resulting in a Hibernians victory. During the 2000s Hibernians won 2-0 and 7-2 in 2008–09 and 2-1 in 2009–10 and Tarxien won 1-0, 2-0 and once again 1-0 in their memorable 2009–10 season, their 1st which they finished above their rivals.

  • Cottonera Derby – St. George's FC vs Senglea Athletic, also includes both teams' matches with Vittoriosa Stars FC – Football
  • Mosta-Naxxar Derby – Mosta FC vs Naxxar Lions FC – Football
  • Marsa-Hamrun Derby – Marsa FC vs Hamrun Spartans FC – Football
  • Qormi-Zebbug Derby – Qormi FC vs Zebbug Rangers FC – Football
  • Rabat-Dingli Derby – Rabat Ajax FC vs Dingli Swallows FC – Football
  • Luxol-Pembroke Derby-St.Andrews FC vs Pembroke Atletha-Football
  • Swieqi-Pembroke Derby- Swieqi United FC vs Pembroke Atletha-Football

Despite that geographically Gozo is much smaller than Malta, Gozo is home to the only village (city) derby that takes place on the Maltese Islands. While in Malta there are no villages home to two or more clubs, Victoria, the capital city of Gozo, is home to three clubs, being, Victoria Hotspurs, SK Victoria Wanderers and Oratory Youths. While the latter are considered to be the smallest of the three, matches between the former two are always a heated affair and undoubtedly is the most fiery derby in the Gozitan football league, with the second heated rivalry being the one between Ghajnsielem FC and Nadur Youngsters FC.

  • Water polo giants Derby- Sliema ASC vs Neptunes WPSC – Water polo
  • Balluta Bay Derby – Neptunes WPSC vs San Giljan Asc -Water polo


  • Zimbru Chişinău vs Sheriff Tiraspol – Two most successive teams and the bitterest rivals, also representing two "capitals" – the "metropolitan" Chişinău and the capital of the self-proclaimed Transnistria, Tiraspol.
  • Tiraspol derby – Sheriff Tiraspol vs FC Tiraspol.
  • Chişinău derby – Zimbru Chişinău vs FC Dacia Chişinău.



Professional football

Amateur football




There are derby in majority of Polish cities who have rivalry football teams in them. The biggest are:

Legia Warsaw vs Polonia Warsaw

Silesian derby

Derby in Polish region of Silesia are played among four of the biggest teams in that region: Polonia Bytom, Ruch Chorzów, Górnik Zabrze and GKS Katowice. Occasionally other Silesian, smaller, teams will join the derby: Szombierki Bytom, Piast Gliwice, Odra Wodzisław Śląski, Ruch Radzionków, GKS Tychy. Derby between the "big four" are called:

Wisła Kraków vs Cracovia

Kraków's derby between Wisła Kraków and Cracovia are called "Holy War" (pl. Święta Wojna) due to the fact that they are the oldest derby in Poland, and also due to the fact that supporters and fans of both teams are extremely hostile towards each other, which resulted even in deaths on both sides. There are also "Small derby of Kraków" in case of matches between Wisła or Cracovia with much smaller clubs from the city such as Hutnik Nowa Huta, Garbarnia Kraków, Wawel Kraków.

Term "Holy War" is also sometimes used in Poland to describe derby from other cities where fans are very hostile towards each other, such as in Warsaw or Łódź.

Poznań derby

Derby in the city of Poznań are played between main rivals: Warta Poznań and Lech Poznań. In the past (from 1945 to 2005) Olimpia Poznań also participated in them, before team came to non-existence in 2005.

Łódź derby

Łódź observes derby between Widzew Łódź and ŁKS Łódź. As usually, both rivalries hate each other.

Radom derby

Radom's derby are played between two teams who are currently in Polish lower, third league: Radomiak Radom and Broń Radom. One can be mistaken of teams relatively low position in Polish league system but during the derby there are always huge fights between the supporters of both teams. In the past (from 1921 to 1997) Czarni Radom also participated in them, before team came to non-existence in 1997.

Rzeszów derby

Similar as in the case of Radom, there are derby in Rzeszów played between two teams who are currently in Polish lower, second league: Resovia Rzeszów and Stal Rzeszów. One can be mistaken of teams relatively low position in Polish league system but during the derby there are always huge fights between the supporters of both teams.

Tricity derby

Derby in Tricity are between Arka Gdynia and Lechia Gdańsk.

Pomerania derby

Pomerania derby are played by different soccer teams from Polish Pomorze region (West Pomeranian Voivodeship and Pomeranian Voivodeship). Various teams include: Arka Gdynia, Lechia Gdańsk, Pogoń Szczecin, Flota Świnoujście and others.

Greater Poland derby

Greater Poland derby were played between the teams of Lech Poznań, Dyskobolia Grodzisk Wielkopolski and Amica Wronki. There are no Greater Poland derby anymore.

Non football derby


All sports:

Nationwide derbies (those involving the "Big 3")

The Struggle for who's the 4th Big Club

Any match between Belenenses vs Boavista vs Vitória de Guimarães vs Vitória de Setúbal vs Académica vs S.C. Braga. Fierce struggles between Boavista vs Vitória de Guimarães, Boavista vs Braga, Boavista vs Belenenses, Vitória de Guimarães vs Vitória de Setúbal and Vitória de Guimarães vs Braga. Vitória de Guimarães has fierce quarrels against any team from Porto/Matosinhos, Lisbon and its own region (Minho). Boavista have since been relegated to the II Division (third tier) for financial problems.

Famous regional derbies by number of times disputed or relative historical importance:

Former 1st Division/League regional famous derbies:

Other famous derbies involving teams that used to be in the 1st tier or used to fight for it.





Ice hockey



Spain play Portugal in the Iberian football derby.



Ice hockey



  • Ticino derby – Lugano Tigers vs SAM Massagno vs SAV Vacallo


Ice hockey



Men's basketball

Women's basketball

Men's volleyball

Women's volleyball


  • Istanbul Derby – Fenerbahçe SK vs Galatasaray SK


  • Istanbul Derby – Fenerbahçe vs Galatasaray



United Kingdom


Rugby Union

Rugby League

North America


Ice Hockey - Toronto Maple Leafs vs Montreal Canadiens - Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers

Canadian Football - Toronto Argonauts vs Hamilton Tiger Cats - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs Saskatchewan Roughriders - Calgary Stampeders vs Edmonton Eskimos

Soccer - Vancouver Whitecaps vs Toronto FC

Costa Rica

  • Clásico Nacional – Saprissa vs Alajuelense
  • Clásico del Buen Futbol – Saprissa vs Herediano
  • Clásico Provincial – Alajuelense vs Herediano
  • Clásico Provincial – Alajuelense vs Cartaginés
  • Clásico Provincial – Herediano vs Cartaginés

El Salvador


  • Clásico Chapin – Municipal vs Comunicaciones
  • Clásico Capitalino – Aurora FC vs Municipal or Comunicaciones
  • Clásico Occidental – Xelajú vs Marquense
  • Clasico SurOccidental – Xelajú vs Club Suchitepequez
  • Clásico Oriental – Jalapa vs Club Zacapa
  • Clásico del sur – Club Juventud Retalteca vs Club Suchitepequez





American Football


United States



Australian rules football


Association football (soccer)

Rugby league

New Zealand

Association football

Rugby union

  • Southland vs Otago
  • Battle of The BridgeAuckland vs North Harbour – Rugby Union
  • Bay of Plenty vs Waikato
  • Manawatu vs Hawke's Bay
  • Taranaki vs Wellington
  • Battle of the Cook Strait – Tasman vs Wellington
  • East Coast vs Poverty Bay
  • West Coast vs Buller

Various sports

  • Auckland vs Canterbury
  • Auckland vs Wellington
  • Canterbury vs Otago

South America






Classic derbies









  • Gran clásico: Aguada – Goes
  • Gran clásico: Peñarol – Nacional
  • Palermo zone : Atenas – Welcome
  • Malvín : Club Malvín – Unión Atlética
  • Pocitos : Bohemios – Trouville
  • Villa Dolores : Miramar B.C. vs 25 de Agosto vs Layva
  • Aduana : Waston – Las Bóvedas
  • Metropolitan rivalry : Atenas – Aguada

American Football

  • Barbarians – Emperadores

Men's Futsal

  • Gran clásico: Peñarol – Nacional
  • Victoria – Rio Branco

Women's Futsal

  • Gran clásico: Peñarol – Nacional


  • Old Christians – Old Boys






Big Rivalries between:

  • Cocodrilos de Caracas vs Trotamundos de Carabobo
  • Cocodrilos de Caracas vs Panteras de Miranda (Clásico de la Capital)
  • Marinos de Anzoátegui vs Guaiqueríes de Nueva Esparta (Clásico Oriental)


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