Delta Secondary School (Hamilton, Ontario)

Delta Secondary School (Hamilton, Ontario)
Delta Secondary School
1284 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario, L8K 1B2, Canada
School board Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
Superintendent John Forbeck
Principal Bob Pratt, Brian Lennox
School type High school
Grades 9-12
Founded 1925
Delta Secondary School

Delta Secondary School was built in 1925 in Hamilton, Ontario, and is the city's oldest high school that is still in operation. It is located on 1284 Main Street East, and is connected to the Delta Honeybears Daycare. The school has an estimated enrollment of 2,000 students and is part of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

The Greek precept "GNOTHISE", meaning "know thyself", is Delta's motto and was chosen by Mr. Walter Clarke, the school's first Latin teacher. In 1919, projected enrolments predicted overcrowding at Central Collegiate; hence, on July 13, 1922, the debate concering the second location of the secondcollegiate ended with the approval of an east-end site. In the years before construction, the Board of Education referred to the new collegiate as the "East-end Collegiate" but later adopted the name "Delta High School" as the "Delta" was well known to Hamiltonians as the land area created by the crossing of the two major arteries, King and Main Streets. On July 5, 1923, Ben Simpson accepted the position of Delta's first principal and in September 1923, under the tutelage of the 5 original staff members, the first Delta students began their classes in Ballard Elementary School. Delta's doors were opened in September 1924, with 15 additional staff members and almost 700 students. In November of the same year, delta was declared formally open by G. Howard Ferguson, Premier of Ontario and Minister of Education. Experts in construction and architecture pronounced Delta "the finest school in the Dominion of Canada" and following Ministry inspection, the High School was raised to the status if a Collegiate Institute.



Founded in 1925, Delta Secondary School's first principal was Mr. Ben Simpson of the Hamilton Collegiate Institute and a renowned Hamilton Tiger football player. The school was one of the first schools in Hamilton to offer commercial classes in writing, book-keeping, business forms, commercial law, and phonography.

Currently Delta offers both academic, technical courses, and cooperative education and is involved with the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP), which supports these courses.

Delta is scheduled to be closed in June 2013. Efforts to create an alternative solution to closing are being made given the age of the building, the history, and the vital role that the school plays in the lives of students and the neighbourhood.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

Delta Secondary School takes part in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, funded by the Government of Ontario. The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is a School to Work program that opens the door for students to explore and work in apprenticeship occupations starting in Grade 11 or Grade 12 through the Cooperative Education program. The program gives students the opportunity to become registered apprentices and work towards becoming certified journey-persons in a skilled trade while completing their secondary school diplomas.

The goals of OYAP are:

- To provide students with the opportunity to start training in a skilled trade while completing the requirements for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma

- To enable students to make the school to work transition by direct entry into apprenticeship training

- To provide employers with the opportunity to train the skilled workers they require

- To provide a viable solution to address the problem of skilled tradespeople shortages in general, and specifically the lack of young people joining the trades.

Subject Department Offerings

English Department; Delta's English department offers many courses from Grade(s) 9 to 12, at Academic, University, Applied, College, Essential and Workplace levels. Also Delta's English department offers a grade 12 University Writer's Craft course, a grade 12 OSSLT Course, a grade 12 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Literature course, and English media.

Dramatic Arts: Delta's Drama Department offers many courses for all Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12 students in Grade 9/10 Open and Grade 11/12 Open & College/University Preparation levels. Delta's Drama Department provides Delta students with a chance to explore the world of the Dramatic Arts, students develop strong communication and creative interpersonal skills that prepare students for the real world. Delta's drama department allows students to be creative, recognize themselves, and to be involved!. Delta's Drama department throws together many school performances such as the annual Holiday Follies, Shakespeare plays and more!. Delta also has its very on Improv Club which allows students to build strong improvilizational skills.

Instrumental Music: Delta's Music Department offers various courses for all Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12 students in Grade 9/10 Open and Grades 11/12 University/College Preparation & Open. Delta's music department offers various music based courses and programs such as: Instrumental music, Vocal/choral focus, Keyboard/piano courses, Guitar focus, Strings, Orchestra, Delta Band, Jazz Band and much more. Delta's Music Department provides students with a practical music experience preparing Delta students for their future careers. Delta's music students participate in numerous board wide music contests, events and live performances.

Science Department; Science courses from Grade(s) 9 to 12, in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General, Workplace and Environmental Sciences. Delta's science department provides students with hands on experience that will prepare them for their future career and post-secondary education. Delta's science department provides students with knowledge and experience in the various Sciences.

Mathematics Department; Math courses from Grade(s) 9 to 12, in Academic, Applied, Locally Developed, University, College and Workplace levels. Delta offers essential, principles of, and foundations of mathematics, also mathematics for everyday life, skilled trades and college technology, calculus and vectors, data management and statistics, functions, applications and advanced functions.

Visual Arts Department; Delta's visual arts department offers various courses in the Visual Arts for Grades 9 through 12. Delta offers courses in basic Visual Arts in open and College/University Preparation levels, and Photography and Drawing/Painting focus courses. Delta's art department provides students with artistic, creative, interpersonal, and analytical skills that will better prepare them for their future career and post-secondary education. In the Visual Arts students study the Foundations & Principles of the Arts, Elements & Principles of Design, artistic techniques, methods & processes, Canadian Art, visual applications, creative and design processes, form and content, historical contents, drawing, painting, illustration, photography, mask making, pottery, independent creations, portfolio preparation, fashion/Rev-wear art, cultural art, artistic perspectives, careers in the arts, theory and much more.

Geography Department; Geography courses from Grade(s) 9, 11 & 12, in Canadian Geography, Travel & Tourism (Regional Geography), Physical Geography, Environmental & Resource Management Geography and World Issues. Delta's Geography department provides students with practical skills that will better prepare students in their future careers and post-secondary education. In Delta's geography courses, students will study various topics such as, human relationships with the environment, global connections, geotechnologies, Canadian perspectives, geographic issues, global influences, physical patterns, processes & interactions, elements of the physical environment, geographics, regional geography, travel & tourism, cultural factors, environmental sustianibility, regional disparities, globalization, environmental geography, resource management, ecological processes, global challenges and much more.

History Department; offers History courses from Grade(s) 10 to 12 in Open, University and College levels. Delta's history department provides students with the chance to study the past, present and future. Delta's History department offers students courses of study in: Canadian History since WWI, current world issues, economic, social and technological challenges, American history, World Ancient Civilization, Justice Studies, Politics, Economics, World history since the 16th century, World history since 1900; global & regional perspectives, world history, and Philosophy.

Languages Department; offers International Languages courses in: Spanish, French and Latin.

Physical Education Department offers many courses (Boys, Girls and Co-ed) in Physical Education, Health, Personal/Group Fitness, Tennis, Exercise Science, Outbound, and Recreation & Leadership Focus.

Business Department; offers Business courses in Information & Communication Technology, Multi-media Solutions, Canadian & International Law, Business Organization, Marketing, Accounting, Yearbook, Career Education and Information and Computer Sciences.

Co-operative Education Department offers career experience in various locations all over the city!. Co-op is offered in Grades 11 and 12. Also OYAP is offered at Delta.

Technology Department; offers various Technological based programs and courses leading to future careers in the Workplace. Delta offers Manufacturing Technology, Construction Technology, Custom Wood Working, Electrical Engineering/Wiring, Cosmetology, Hospitality & Tourism, Technological Design/Drafting, Transportation/Auto and Communications courses.

Family Studies Department; offers courses in the Social Sciences and Humanities, offers courses in Parenting, Food & Nutrition, Indiviual & Family Living, a Living & Working with Children Co-op Course, Managing Personal Resources, Fashion, Psychology/Sociology & Anthropology, Indivuals and Families living in a Diverse Society and Challenge and Change in Society

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