List of Legend of the Galactic Heroes media

List of Legend of the Galactic Heroes media

This is a list of media related to the long running series "Legend of the Galactic Heroes".

Original novels

* These translations are unofficial because no official English version exists.

Main stories

:Volume 1: Dawn (黎明篇):Prologue. A summary about the history of the Galactic system (銀河系史概略):# In the eternal night (永遠の夜の中で):# Battle of Astarte (アスターテ会戦):# Empire's Dusk (帝国の残照):# Birth of the 13th Fleet (第一三艦隊誕生):# Taking Iserlohn! (イゼルローン攻略):# Every star to his own (それぞれの星):# Antimask (幕間狂言):# Deadline (死線):# Battle of Amlitzer (アムリッツァ):# A new prologue (新たなる序章)

:Volume 2: Ambition (野望篇):# Before the Storm (嵐の前):# Flash point (発火点):# The Yang Fleet launched (ヤン艦隊出動):# The Bleeding Universe (流血の宇宙):# Battle of Starzone Doria (ドーリア星域の会戦):# Courage and Allegiance (勇気と忠誠):# Whose Victory (誰がための勝利):# The Golden Tree Fell (ゴールデンバウムは倒れた):# Farewell the Yesterdays (さらば、遠き日)

:Volume 3: Crounching (雌伏篇):# First Action (初陣):# The Flying Vulture (はばたく禿鷹):# One tiny thread (細い一本の糸):# Things Lost (失われたもの):# The Inquiry Committee (査問会):# War without weapons (武器なき戦い):# Fortress Versus fortress (要塞対要塞):# The Return (帰還):# Determination and Ambition (決意と野心と)

:Volume 4: Stratagem (策謀篇):# Thunderclap (雷鳴):# The Maze (迷路):# An Arrow Released (矢は放たれた):# The Legitimate Government of the Galactic Empire (銀河帝国正統政府):# A Start (ひとつの出発):# Operation: Ragnarok (作戦名「神々の黄昏」):# A military attaché: Ensign Mintz (駐在武官ミンツ少尉):# Invitation to a Requiem (鎮魂曲への招待):# Phezzan Occupied(フェザーン占領)

:Volume 5: Storm (風雲篇):# The Cold Spell Cometh (寒波到る):# Admiral Yang's Fleet of Arks (ヤン提督の箱舟隊):# Seeking A Free Universe (自由の宇宙を求めて):# The Hydra (双頭の蛇):# The Darkness at Dawn (暁闇):# Battle after Battle (連戦):# Battle of Vermillion (バーミリオン):# Desperate Fight (死闘):# A Sudden Change (急転):# "Long Live the Kaiser!" (「皇帝万歳!」)

:Volume 6: Flying (飛翔篇):Prologue. The Fall of Earth (地球衰亡の記録):# Kümmel Affair (キュンメル事件):# Portrait of a certain pensioner (ある年金生活者の肖像):# Visitors (訪問者):# Past, Present, Future (過去、現在、未来):# Confusion, confusion, confusion (混乱、錯乱、惑乱):# Holy land (聖地):# Combat play (コンバット・プレイ):# The end of vacation (休暇は終りぬ)

:Volume 7: Waves (怒濤篇):# Under the Goldenlöwe (黄金獅子旗の下に):# Against all flags (すべての旗に背いて):# "Ragnarok" once more (「神々の黄昏」ふたたび):# Liberation, revolution, ploting and etc. (解放・革命・謀略その他):# Prodigal sons's homecoming (蕩児たちの帰宅):# Battle of Starzone Mal-Adetta (マル・アデッタ星域の会戦):# Imperial edict of the winter rose garden (冬バラ園の勅令):# The Long Road Ahead (前途遼遠):# Before the Sacrifice (祭りの前)

:Volume 8: Separation (乱離篇):# Roaring Winds into the Corridor (風は回廊へ):# April Breeze (春の嵐):# The invincible and the undefeat (常勝と不敗と):# Kaleidoscope (万華鏡):# The magician returns not (魔術師、還らず):# After the Sacrifice (祭りの後):# Triumphant return with disappointment (失意の凱旋):# Edict: Capital Move (遷都令):# The New government of August (八月の新政府)

:Volume 9: Disturbance (回天篇) :# In the distant boarder (辺境にて):# Roses at summer's end (夏の終わりのバラ):# Rumbling (鳴動):# Burgeoning (発芽):# The Urvashi affair (ウルヴァシー事件):# Rebellion is hero's right(叛逆は英雄の特権):# Live with the Sword... (剣に生き……):# Die with the Sword (剣に斃れ):# Endless Requiem (終わりなき鎮魂曲)

:Volume 10: Sunset (落日篇):# "Hoffe Kaiserin!" (皇妃誕生):# Invitation to Riot (動乱への誘い):# Cosmic Mosaic (コズミック・モザイク):# Peace by way of bloodshed (平和へ、流血経由):# Planet of Confusion (昏迷の惑星):# Burning Schtehibalm Schloss (柊館炎上):# Crimson road in the stars (深紅の星路):# Brünhild's blood thirst (美姫は血を欲す):# Goldenlöwe lose its lustre (黄金獅子旗に光なし):# To see the dream through to the end (夢、見果てたり)


:Volume 1: The Star Cursher (星を砕く者):# The Third Battle Of Tiamat (第三次ティアマト会戦):# Cobweb (蜘蛛の巣):# Klopfstock Affairs (クロプシュトック事件):# Enforcing rules (軍規を正す):# Interlude (間奏曲):# Actress exiting (女優退場):# Enemy, us, enemy, enemy, enemy... (敵、味方、敵、敵、敵……):# Planet Legniza (惑星レグニツァ):# My road conquest is to the sea of stars (わが征くは星の大海)

:Volume 2: Julian's Iserlohn diary (ユリアンのイゼルローン日記):# Events in the even number year (偶数年のできごと):# The first salary (はじめての給料):# All sets (全員集合):# Proposal from the Empire (帝国の提案):# Old resident vs. New resident (旧住民 vs 新住民):# Prisoner-of-war exchange ceremony (捕虜交換式):# Dalton Affairs (ドールトン事件):# Secret session on bench (ベンチの秘密会議):# Night before launch (出撃前夜)

:Volume 3: Hundred Billion Stars, Hundred Billion Lights (千億の星、千億の光):# Battle Of Starzone Vanfleet (ヴァンフリート星域の会戦):# "Drei Rot" (三つの赤):# Bloody April (染血の四月):# A record of a chaotic fight (混戦始末記):# Early summer, strong wind (初夏、風強し):# The succeeding candidacy of earl (伯爵家後継候補):# Truth is a daughter of time (真実は時の娘):# hundred billion stars, one ambition(千億の星、ひとつの野心)

:Volume 4: Spiral Labyrinth (螺旋迷宮):# A new job for a hero (英雄のあたらしい仕事):# A trip to the past (過去へのささやかな旅):# The record of the second battle of Tiamat (第二次ティアマト会戦記):# Betweem mourning clothes and military uniforms (喪服と軍服の間):# The planet of the prisoner-of-war camp (収容所惑星):# Prisoner and hostages (捕虜と人質):# The rebellion in a microscope (顕微鏡サイズの反乱):# The thread from the past (過去からの糸):# The trip to find an exit (出口をさがす旅)

hort stories

:*The record of the Battle of Dagon (ダゴン星域会戦記)

:*The Silver Valley (白銀の谷)

:*Disgrace (汚名)

:*Morning's Dream, Evening's Song (朝の夢、夜の歌)

:*Golden Wings (黄金の翼)

Anime series and OVAs

Main OVA Series

First Part

The 26-episodes first part (or season 1), released between December 1988 and June 1989, covers the volumes 1 and 2 of the original novels, adding some prequel stories (episodes 9 an 11) and original stories (parts of episodes 13 and 14).

:*1. Into the Eternal Night (永遠の夜の中で):*2. The Battle of Astarte (アスターテ会戦):*3. Birth of the 13th Fleet (第十三艦隊誕生):*4. Empire’s Afterglow (帝国の残照):*5. The Kastrop Rebellion (カストロプ動乱):*6. The Knights of the Rose (薔薇の騎士):*7. Iserlohn Taken! (イゼルローン攻略!):*8. Cool, Clear Artifical Eyes (冷徹なる義眼):*9. The Klopstock Incident (クロプシュトック事件):*10. Jessica’s Battle (ジェシカの戦い):*11. The Actress Exits (女優退場):*12. Invasion of the Imperial Territory (帝国領侵攻):*13. When the Rain of Grief Comes (愁雨来たりなば):*14. Liberation of the Frontier Zone (辺境の解放):*15. The Battle of Amlitzer Starzone (アムリッツァ星域会戦):*16. New Trends (新たなる潮流):*17. Before the Storm (嵐の前):*18. The Lippstadt Conspiracy (リップシュタットの密約):*19. The Yang Fleet Goes Out (ヤン艦隊出動):*20. Bloodshed in Space (流血の宇宙):*21. The Battle of Doria Starzone, then… (ドーリア星域会戦、そして…):*22. Courage and Allegiance (勇気と忠誠):*23. The Downfall of the Golden Tree (Goldenbaum) (黄金樹(ゴールデンバウム)は倒れた):*24. Whose Victory? (誰が為の勝利):*25. The Day before Destiny (運命の前日):*26. Farewell, the Old Days (さらば、遠き日)

econd Part

The 28-episodes second part (or season 2), released between June 1991 and February 1992, covers the volumes 3 to 5 of the original novels.

:*27. First Battle (初陣):*28. Portraits (肖像):*29. One Tiny Thread (細い一本の糸):*30. Lost Things (失われたもの):*31. The Inquiry Commitee (査問会):*32. War without Weapons (武器なき戦い):*33. Fortress versus Fortress (要塞対要塞):*34. Repatriation (帰還):*35. Determination and Ambition (決意と野心と):*36. Thunder (雷鳴):*37. Abduction of the Young Emperor (幼帝誘拐):*38. The Arrow Is Released (矢は放たれた):*39. The Journey Begins (ひとつの旅立ち):*40. Julian’s Journey, Mankind’s Journey (ユリアンの旅、人類の旅):*41. Operation Twilight of the Gods (Ragnarok) (作戦名『神々の黄昏(ラグナロック)』):*42. Invitation to a Requiem (鎮魂曲(レクイエム)への招待):*43. Gjallahorn’s Roar (ギャラルホルンは鳴った):*44. Phezzan Occupied (フェザーン占領):*45. The Cold Wave Arrives (寒波至る):*46. Admiral Yang’s Ark Fleet (ヤン提督の箱舟隊):*47. Seeking a Free Universe (自由の宇宙を求めて):*48. The Double-Headed Snake: the Decisive Battle of Rantemario (双頭の蛇~ランテマリオの決戦~):*49. The Darkness before Dawn… (闇が深くなるのは…):*50. Battle after Battle (連戦):*51. The Battle of Vermillion (first part) (バーミリオンの死闘(前編)):*52. The Battle of Vermillion (second part) (バーミリオンの死闘(後編)):*53 Sudden Change (急転):*54. Long Live the Emperor! (Sieg Kaiser) (皇帝ばんざい!(ジーク・カイザー))

Third Part

The 32-episodes third part (or season 3), released between July 1994 and February 1995, covers the volumes 6 to 8 of the original novels.

:*55. After the Ceremony, the Curtain Rises Again… (儀式から再び幕は上がり…):*56. To Earth (地球へ):*57. The Künmel Incident (キュンメル事件):*58. Visitors (訪問者):*59. Past, Present and Future (過去と現在と未来と):*60. The Magician Is Arrested (魔術師捕らわる):*61. Invitation to an Opera (歌劇(オペラ)への招待):*62. Blood Running down the Stairs (Cascade) (血の流水階段(カスケード)):*63. Holy Land (聖地):*64. Holiday’s End (休暇は終わりぬ):*65. Against All Flags (すべての旗に背いて):*66. Under the Golden Lion Flag (Goldenlöwe) (黄金獅子旗(ゴールデンルーヴェ)の下に):*67. Twilight of the Gods (Ragnarok) Again (『神々の黄昏(ラグナロック)』ふたたび):*68. To El Facil (エル・ファシルへ):*69. The Battle to Retake Iserlohn (イゼルローン再奪取作戦):*70. The Prodigal Son Comes Home (蕩児たちの帰宅):*71. The Battle of Mar-Adetta Starzone (beginning) (マル・アデッタ星域の会戦(前)):*72. The Battle of Mar-Adetta Starzone (ending) (マル・アデッタ星域の会戦(後)):*73. The Edict of the Winter Rose Garden (冬バラ園の勅令):*74. The Long Road Ahead (前途遼遠):*75. Rolling Thunder (雷動):*76. Eve of the Festival (祭りの前):*77. To the Windy Corridor (風は回廊へ):*78. Spring Storm (春の嵐):*79. The Battle of the Corridor (beginning): The Invincible and the Undefeated (回廊の戦い(前)~常勝と不敗と~):*80. The Battle of the Corridor (middle): Kaleidoscope (回廊の戦い(中)~万華鏡(カレイドスコープ~):*81. The Battle of the Corridor (ending): End of the Imperial Expedition (回廊の戦い(後)~大親征の終幕~):*82. The Magician Doesn’t Come Back (魔術師、還らず):*83. After the Festival (祭りの後):*84. The Disppointing Triumphal Return (失意の凱旋):*85. The Transfert of the Capital Order (遷都令):*86. New Government in August (8月の新政府(ニュー・ガバメント・イン・オーガスタ))

Fourth Part

The 24-episodes fourth part (or season 4), released between September 1996 and March 1997, covers the volumes 9 and 10 of the original novels.

:*87. Premonition of the Storm (嵐の予感):*88. In the Distant Frontier (辺境にて):*89. Summer’s End Rose (夏の終わりのバラ):*90. Rumbling (鳴動):*91. Burgeonning (発芽):*92. The Urvashi incident (ウルヴァシー事件):*93. For Pride (矜持にかけて):*94. Rebellion Is a Hero’s Privilege (叛逆は英雄の特権):*95. The Two Great Ones Strike at Each Other! (双璧相撃つ!):*96. Live by the Sword… (剣に生き…):*97. Die by the Sword (剣に斃れ):*98. Final Requiem (終わりなき鎮魂曲(レクイエム)):*99. The Approach Run toward the Future (未来への助走):*100. Long Live the Empress! (Hoffe Kaiserin) (皇妃ばんざい!(ホーフ・カイザーリン)):*101. Invitation to Rebellion (動乱への誘い):*102. A Challenge to Arms (敢えて武器を手に):*103. Cosmic Mosaic (コズミック・モザイク):*104. Toward Peace, through Bloodshed (平和へ、流血経由):*105. Planet of Confusion (昏迷の惑星):*106. Holly Palace (Stehibalm Schloss) Burns (柊舘(シュテッヒパルム・シュロス)炎上):*107. The Crimson Star Road (深紅の星路(クリムゾン・スターロード)):*108. Bloodthirsty Maiden (Brünnhilde) (美姫(ブリュンヒルト)は血を欲す):*109. The Golden Lion Flag (Goldenlöwe) Loses its Light (黄金獅子旗(ゴールデンルーヴェ)に光なし):*110. Dream: to See it to the End (夢、見果てたり)


Additionally, several Japanese video games have been released based on the Legend of Galactic Heroes world, including one MMORPG/Strategy game. They have not been translated into English.

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