Rasul Sadr Ameli

Rasul Sadr Ameli

Rasul Sadr Ameli (PerB| رسول صدر عاملی , born 1953 in Isfahan, Iran) is an Iranian film director, screenwriter, and film producer.

He made his directorial debut, "The Liberation" in 1982 after a decade of working in journalism. In nearly all his films, he is fascinated by family melodrama. His "The Chrysanthemums" (1985), was one of the top grossing films of the year. Sadr Ameli won an award for the Best Director as well as the Best Script award (as the co-writer) at the 20th Fajr International Film Festival for "Man, taraneh, panzdah sal daram".

Filmography (as a director)

* "Rahai" (aka The Liberation - 1982)
* "Golhaye Davoudi" (aka Chrysanthemum - 1985)
* "Paisan" (aka During autumn - 1987)
* "Ghorbani" (aka The Victim - 1991)
* "Samphony-e Tehran" (aka Symphony of Tehran - 1993)
* "Dokhtari ba kafsh-haye katani" (aka The Girl in Sneakers - 1999)
* "Man, taraneh, panzdah sal daram (aka aka I Am Taraneh, Fifteen Years Old - 2002)
* "Dishab babat ra didam, Aida" (aka Aida, I Saw Your Father Last Night - 2005)

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