List of University of Louisiana at Lafayette people

List of University of Louisiana at Lafayette people

This is a partial list of notable people affiliated with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Arts and entertainment

*James Lee Burke, novelist, writer; "The Lost Get-Back Boogie" was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.
*Kody Chamberlain, comic book writer and artist.
*Judith Ford, Miss America (1969).
*Adrianne Frost, comedian.
*Ali Landry, Miss USA (1996); actress.
*Gary Lavergne, non-fiction novelist, who writes about serial killers.
*Gregory Krikko Obbott, sketch artist
*Eddy Raven, American singer and songwriter; six No. 1 songs on the country music charts.
*George Rodrigue, artist known for his "Blue Dog" series and early art depicting Cajun life.
*Richard Simmons, exercise guru.
*Floyd Sonnier, (deceased) Cajun artist.
*Keith Sonnier, neon sculptor, minimalist artist
*Daniel Sunjata, actor, Tony Award nominee, winner Theatre World Award (2003).
*Scott Tatman, writer, actor appearing in "Chappelle's Show" and "Saturday Night Live."
*A. Hays Town, architect


*Bradley J. Baker, president, MBA Association
*Joe J. Colletti Jr., president of Marsh Bellofram Corporation, past president of MDT Software
*Lloyd Gaubert, founder and owner of L.F. Gaubert & Co.
* Gary LaGrange, executive director of the Port of New Orleans
*Patrick LeBlanc, architect and founder of LCS Corrections Services, Inc.
*Ali Saberioon, president and CEO of Sabco Oil and Gas Corporation.

Law, government and politics

*Ernie Alexander, Louisiana state representative (2000-2008) (R).
*Charlotte Beers, former undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs (2001-2003).
*J. Rayburn Bertrand, mayor of Lafayette (1960-1972 (D).
*Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, Louisiana governor (2004-2008) (D).
*Roy Bourgeois, American priest; founder of the human rights group SOA Watch (1990-).
*Charles Boustany, U.S. representative (2005-) (R).
*Kenny Bowen, (deceased) mayor of Lafayette, (1972-1980; 1992-1996) (D).
*Jack Breaux, (deceased) former mayor of Zachary, Louisiana (1966-1980) (R).
*John Breaux, former U.S. senator (1987-2005) (D).
*Jefferson Caffery, (deceased) former U.S. ambassador (1926-1955).
*Patrick T. Caffery, former U.S. representative (1969-73) (D).
*Cindy Courville, U.S. ambassador to the African Union.
*Page Cortez, Louisiana state representative (2008- ) (R).
*Virginia deGravelles, political activist (R).
*James "Jimmy" Domengeaux, (deceased) former U.S. representative and Cajun cultural activist from Lafayette (D)
*Joey Durel, mayor-president of City of Lafayette and Lafayette Parish (R).
*William T. Dzurilla, international attorney and law clerk to Justice Byron White of the United States Supreme Court (1982-1983).
*Lether Frazar, (deceased) former Louisiana lieutenant governor (1956-1960) (D).
*Paul Hardy, former Louisiana lieutenant governor (1988-1992) (R).
*Jimmy Hayes, former U.S. representative from Seventh District (1986-1995) (R).
*J. Lomax "Max" Jordan, Jr., former state senator from Lafayette and Acadia parishes (1992-2000) (R).
*Charles D. Lancaster, Jr., Louisiana state representative (1972-1976; 1980-2008) (R).
*Dud Lastrapes, former mayor of Lafayette (R).
*Dudley J. LeBlanc, (deceased) former Louisiana state senator (1940-1944; 1948-1952; 1964-1971) (D).
*Wade O. Martin, Jr., (deceased) former Louisiana secretary of state (1944-1976) (D), later (R).
*Charlie Melancon, U.S. representative (2005-) (D).
*Louis J. Michot, former Louisiana representative (1960-1964), Louisiana Board of Education (1968-1972) and state superintendent of education (1972-1976) (D).
*Michael J. Michot, state senator from Lafayette (R).
*Roderick Miller, (deceased) former Louisiana representative (1966-1968) (R).
*Ashton J. Mouton, (deceased) youngest mayor in Lafayette history; served 1948-1956 (D).
*Cecil J. Picard, (deceased) Louisiana educator, legislator, state superintendent of education from 1996-2007 (D).
*Craig Romero, Louisiana state senator (1992-); president of the Iberia Parish government from 1984-1992 (R).
*David Thibodaux (deceased), English faculty, Lafayette Parish School Board member, four-time congressional candidate (R).
*J. Emile Verret, (deceased) former lieutenant governor of Louisiana (1944-1948) (D).

Military, science and technology

*Albert H. Crews, former U.S. astronaut (1962-1988).
*Charles B. DeBellevue, first Air Force weapon systems officer to become a flying "Ace."
*Jefferson DeBlanc, (deceased) Congressional Medal of Honor and Purple Heart recipient and WWII Flying Ace
*Bennett Landreneau, major general, director of the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.
*Alex McCool, manager NASA Space Shuttle Projects Office (1960-).
*Clifford Schoeffler, (deceased) former brigadier general, United States Air Force.
*Brod Veillon, brigadier general, assistant adjutant general-air for Louisiana.

ports alumni

American football

*Louis Age, Chicago Bears (1992).
*Patrise Alexander, Washington Redskins (1996-98).
*James Atkins, Seattle Seahawks (1994-97), Baltimore Ravens (1998-1999), Detroit Lions (2000-).
*John Bandura, Brooklyn Dodgers (1943).
*D'Anthony Batiste, Carolina Panthers (2006-).
*Charles Bennett, Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins (1987).
*Karl Bernard, Detroit Lions (1987).
*Bill Blackburn, Chicago Cardinals (1946-50).
*C. C. Brown, safety Houston Texans (2005-).
*Chris Cagle, (deceased) halfback New York Giants (1930-1932), Brooklyn Dodgers (1933-1934), College Football Hall of Fame (1954).
*Anthony Clement, tackle Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, New York Jets.
*Kenyon Cotton, Baltimore Ravens (1997-98).
*Willie Culpepper, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1992).
*Richie Cunningham, place kicker Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, and Jacksonville Jaguars (1997-2002).
*Joe DeForest, New Orleans Saints (1987).
*Jake Delhomme, quarterback New Orleans Saints (1998-2002) and Carolina Panthers (2003-Present ).
*Virgil Eikenberg, Chicago Cardinals (1948).
*Brad Franklin, Jacksonville Jaguars (2003).
*Chris Gannon, New England Patriots.
*Brad Franklin, Carolina Panthers.
*Mark Hall (American football), Green Bay Packers.
*Kyries Hebert, National Football League Safety for the Cincinnati Bengals
*Keno Hills, tackle New Orleans Saints (1996-1998).
*Weldon Humble, (deceased) offensive linemen Cleveland Browns (1947-1950), Dallas Texans (1952), College Football Hall of Fame (1961).
*Elvis Joseph, Jacksonville Jaguars (2001-2002).
*Brian Jones, tight end Jacksonville Jaguars (2004-).
*Saxon Judd, Brooklyn Dodgers (1946-48).
*Thomas King, Green Bay Packers.
*John McGee, Philadelphia Eagles (1948-55).
*Randy McClanahan, Oakland Raiders (1977), Buffalo Bills (1978), Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (1980-82).
*Brian Mitchell, former running back Washington Redskins (1990-1999), Philadelphia Eagles (2000-2002), New York Giants (2003).
*Donovan Morgan, wide receiver Houston Texans.
*R.C. Mullin, Los Angeles Rams.
*Lance Poimbeouf, Dallas Cowboys (1963).
*John Reveto, Chicago Bears (1981-82).
*Willie Sims, Minnesota Vikings (1994).
*Todd Scott, former defensive back for the Minnesota Vikings (1991-1994), New York Jets (1995), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1995-1996) and Kansas City Chiefs (1997).
*Rafael Septien, former place-kicker Dallas Cowboys (1978-1986).
*Antwain Spann, cornerback for the New England Patriots (2006-).
*Brandon Stokley, wide receiver Baltimore Ravens (1999-02), Indianapolis Colts (2003-06), Denver Broncos (2007-).
*Ike Taylor, defensive back Pittsburgh Steelers (2003-).
*Orlando Thomas, defensive back Minnesota Vikings (1995-2001).
*Charles Tillman, cornerback Chicago Bears (2003-).
*Clarence Verdin, Washington Redskins (1986-87), Indianapolis Colts (1988-93), Atlanta Falcons (1994)
*Win Williams, Baltimore Colts (1948-49).


*Jose Alvarez, Atlanta Braves (1977 - 1978).
*Paul Bako, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Florida Marlins, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers, Kansas City Royals (1998-).
*Javi Dejesus, Minnesota Twins.
*Phil Devey, Canadian baseball pitcher.
*Scott Dohmann, Colorado Rockies (1999 - 2000).
*Jason Fernandez, Oakland Athletics (2006-).
*Ron Guidry, Cy Young Award winner; New York Yankees (1969 - 1970).
*Gary Haught, Oakland Athletics (1991 - 1992).
*Xavier Hernandez, Toronto Blue Jays (1984 - 1986).
*Chris Howard, Seattle Mariners (1988 - 1988).
*Pato Ramos, Oakland Athletics.
*B.J. Ryan, Baltimore Orioles (1997 - 2005), Toronto Blue Jays (2006 - )
*Donne Wall, Houston Astros (1988 - 1989).


*Kevin Brooks, Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Nuggets, Adelaide 36ers (1990s).
*Orien Greene, Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings.
*Bo Lamar, former Detroit Pistons and ABA player.
*Fred Saunders, former Phoenix Suns (1974-1976) and Boston Celtics player (1976-1978).
*Andrew Toney, former Philadelphia 76ers (1980-1988).
*Marv Winkler, former Milwaukee Bucks (1970-71), Indiana Pacers (1971-72).


*Kim Perrot, (deceased) former Houston Comets.


*Mike Heinen, American professional golfer.
*Craig Perks, professional PGA golfer; 2002 New Zealand Sportsman of the Year.


*Leigh Hennessy, world trampoline champion and stunt woman.


*Tony Minnis, UL's all-time winningest singles player with a 94-40 college career; Louisiana Coach of the Year 1995 & 1999.

Track and field

*Hollis Conway, high-jump athlete; Olympic medalist, 1988 silver, 1992 bronze.
*John McDonnell, UL Lafayette track athlete (1966 - 69); coached Arkansas to 42 NCAA championships.


*Barry Jean Ancelet, folklorist of Cajun culture and expert of Cajun music and language.
*Ray Authement, university president (1974-2007); longest to serve as president of a public university in the U.S., according to "The Chronicle of Higher Education".
*Carl L. Bankston, former professor; sociologist, immigration expert
*Carl A. Brasseaux, historian of French Colonial North America
*Charles deGravelles (1913-2008), former chairman of the Louisiana state Republican Party taught oil and gas law from 1955-1962.
*Michael Doucet, Cajun fiddler; winner National Heritage Fellowship; designed and taught the first college course on Cajun music.
*Ernest Gaines, writer-in-residence; nominated for the 2004 Nobel Prize in Literature and the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for fiction; author of "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman" and "A Lesson Before Dying".
*Jesse Glass, former resident poet.
*Jeff Hennessy, former trampoline coach to world champions.
*Elemore Morgan, Jr., landscape painter, retired professor.
*Paul Prudhomme, American chef famous for his Cajun cuisine; former adjunct.
*Burton Raffel, former professor; poet, noted for his translation of Cervantes's Don Quixote.
*Bruce Shriver, former faculty and vice president; IEEE Fellow; computer science entrepreneur
*John Kennedy Toole, (deceased) former professor; American novelist, author of "A Confederacy of Dunces".

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