General Secretary

General Secretary

The term General Secretary (alternatively First Secretary) denotes a leader of various unions, parties, churches or associations. The most notable usages are the following:

*The official title of the de-facto leader of the Soviet Union was the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin is known to be the first to elevate the position from the former meaning to the latter. For a time the position was known as the First Secretary. See List of leaders of the Soviet Union for other bearers of these titles.

*The term General Secretary often refers to the Secretary-General of an organization such as the Secretary-General of the United Nations or Secretary-General of the League of Nations. Also called the Executive Secretary in the case of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

*The General Secretary (or First Secretary) may also be the title used by the head of a political party or group such as the Labour Party (UK) but this usage is most often associated with the leadership of communist political organisations.

*The General Secretary may also be the head of a trade union, particularly in the United Kingdom or another association such as a federation of agriculture or farmer's union or a co-operative.

*The General Secretary may also be the head of a Church or a Church Organization, such as a National Council of Churches or the World Council of Churches.

The General Secretary's office or department is often referred to as the Secretariat.

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*Secretary General

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