Llŷr is a figure in Welsh mythology, the father of Bran, Branwen and Manawydan by Penarddun. The Welsh Triads mention he was imprisoned by Euroswydd; the Second Branch of the "Mabinogi" names Euroswydd as the father of Penarddun's younger two sons, Nisien and Efnisien. Llŷr corresponds to Lir in Irish mythology, and, like the latter, he is identified as a god of the sea. Leir of Britain, a mythical British king most famous as the subject of William Shakespeare's "King Lear", may be derived from Llŷr.

In fiction

Lloyd Alexander's "Chronicles of Prydain" includes a "House of Llyr", a royal family whose female members are often enchantresses. The Princess Eilonwy, the heroine in the series, is the daughter of Angharad, daughter of Regat of the House of Llyr. The "Chronicles of Prydain" are strongly based on Welsh legend, and this inclusion is one of the many similarities between the mythic land of Prydain and Wales.

The House of Llŷr


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