Bulgarian Socialist Party

Bulgarian Socialist Party

Infobox Political party
name_english = Bulgarian Socialist Party
name_native = Българска социалистическа партия

leader = Sergey Stanishev
foundation = 1990
ideology = Democratic socialism, Social democracy
international = Socialist international
european = Party of european socialists
europarl = Party of european socialists
colours = Red
headquarters = Sofia
website = [http://www.bsp.bg/ www.bsp.bg/]

The Bulgarian Socialist Party ( _bg. Българска социалистическа партия) (BSP) is a political party in Bulgaria and successor to the Bulgarian Communist Party. It was formed in 1990 in post-communist Bulgaria, following the decision of the Bulgarian Communist Party to abandon Marxism-Leninism. The BSP is a member of the Socialist International and is led by Sergey Stanishev. The party has its powerbase in the traditionally socialist rural areas.

In the 2001 parliamentary elections it was part of the Coalition for Bulgaria alliance which picked up 48 of 240 seats in the National Assembly "(Narodno Sabranie)", having attracted 17.1% of the popular vote. The current Bulgarian president, Georgi Parvanov, is a member and former chairman of the party. At the last legislative elections, held on 25 June 2005 the Coalition won 33.98% of the popular vote and 82 out of 240 seats.

List of chairmen

* Aleksandar Lilov (1990–1991)
* Zhan Videnov (1991–1996)
* Georgi Parvanov (1996–2001)
* Sergey Stanishev (2001–)

External links

* [http://www.bsp.bg/ Official website]
* [http://www.osaarchivum.org/db/fa/205-4-20-1.htm Bulgarian Subject Files] Open Society Archives, Budapest

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