World Tree (disambiguation)

World Tree (disambiguation)

World Tree may refer to any of the following:
*A World Tree (such as Yggdrasil), a form of axis mundi, found in many mythologies.
*The main setting of the PBS show: It's a Big Big World.
*World Tree, an anthropomorphic fantasy role-playing game.
* The World Tree Music Ensemble. Using a modern musical idiom to revitalise myths, knowledge and traditions.

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*A "world tree" is mentioned in the Warcraft series of computer games.
*Yggdrasil is mentioned frequently in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. When the world tree is referred to it is customary to refer to it as "The Great World Tree"
*A "world tree" that has been plagued by evil is the setting of the Nintendo game Faxanadu, a spinoff of the Xanadu series of games.

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