Instruments used in general surgery

Instruments used in general surgery

Instruments used in general surgery are: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5][6][7] [8] [9][10] [11] [12] [13]


List of instruments used in general surgery

Instrument class Uses Specific instruments
Articulator Galotti articulator
Bone chisel
Cottle cartilage crusher
Bone cutter
Bone distractor
Ilizarov apparatus
•Intramedullary kinetic bone distractor
Bone drill
Bone extender
Bone file
Bone lever
Bone mallet
Bone rasp
Bone saw
Bone skid
Bone splint
Bone button
Caliper Castroviejo caliper
Clamps Payr pylorus clamp
Dissecting knife
Forceps, Dissecting Adson
Forceps, Tissue Allis • Babcock
Forceps (Other) Sponge Forceps
•Acanthulus or Acanthabolos Thorn removal
•Bone forceps
•Carmalt forceps
•Cushing forceps
•Dandy forceps
DeBakey forceps
•Doyen intestinal forceps
•Epilation forceps
•Halstead forceps
•Kelly forceps
•Kocher forceps
•Mosquito forceps
•Nerve hook
•Obstetrical hook
•Skin hook
Hypodermic needle
•Partsch mallet
Mouth prop
Mouth gag
Needle holders Castroviejo • Crilewood • Mayo-Hegar • Olsen-Hegar
•Epker osteotome
Periosteal elevator
•Joseph elevator
•Molt periosteal elevator
•Obweg periosteal elevator
•Septum elevator
•Tessier periosteal elevator
Senn retractor
•Gelpi retractor
• Weitlaner retractor
•USA-Army/Navy retractor
•Joseph Skin Hook
•Lahey Retractor
•Blair (Rollet) Retractor
•Rigid Rake
•Flexible Rake
•Ragnell Retractor
•Linde-Ragnell Retractor
•Davis Retractor
•Volkman Retractor
•Mathieu Retractor
•Jackson Tracheal Hook
•Crile Retractor
•Meyerding Finger Retractor
•Little Retractor
•Love Nerve Retractor
•Green Retractor
•Goelet Retractor
•Cushing Vein Retractor
•Langenbeck Retractor
•Richardson Retractor
•Richardson-Eastmann Retractor
•Kelly Retractor
•Parker Retractor
•Parker-Mott Retractor
•Roux Retractor
•Mayo-Collins Retractor
•Ribbon Retractor
•Alm Retractor
•Self Retaining Retractors
•Weitlaner Retractor
•Beckman-Weitlaner Retractor
•Beckman-Eaton Retractor
•Beckman Retractor
•Adson Retractor
Rib spreader
•Ultrasonic scalpel
Laser scalpel
•Iris scissors
•Kiene scissors
Metzenbaum scissors To dissect soft tissue, etc
•Mayo scissors To cut suture, etc
•Tenotomy scissors
•Mouth speculum
•Rectal speculum
•Sim's vaginal speculum
•Cusco's vaginal speculum
Sponge bowl
Sterilization tray
Sternal saw
Suction tube
Surgical elevator
Surgical hook
Surgical knife
Surgical mesh
Surgical needle
Surgical snare
Surgical sponge
Surgical spoon
Surgical stapler
Surgical tray
Tongue depressor
Tooth extractor
Towel clamp
Towel forceps
•Backhaus towel forceps
•Lorna towel forceps
Tissue expander
•Subcutaneous inflatable balloon expander
Venous clipping

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