Three Pure Ones

Three Pure Ones

The Three Pure Ones (zh-cp|c=三清|p=Sānqīng) also translated as the Three Pure Pellucid Ones, the Three Pristine Ones, the Three Clarities, or the Three Purities, are the three highest Taoist deities.

They are:

*The "Jade Pure One" (zh-cp|c=玉清|p=Yùqīng), also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Origin", or "The Universal Lord of the Primordial Beginning" (元始天尊, Yuanshi Tianzun).

*The "Supreme Pure One" (zh-cp|c=上清|p=Shàngqīng), also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Divinities and Treasures", or "The Universal Lord of the Numinous Treasure" (靈寶天尊, Lingbao Tianzun).

*The "Grand Pure One" (zh-cp|c=太清|p=Tàiqīng), also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Tao and Virtues" or "The Universal Lord of the Way and its Virtue" (道德天尊, Daode Tianzun) or the "Grand Supreme Elder Lord" (太上老君, Taishang Laojun).

The Three Pure Ones represent the three divine natures of all living beings. They symbolize a kind of Taoist trinity: Tao begets One; one begets two; two begets three; three begets all things (Tao Te Ching, Chapter 42)

In some Taoist belief systems, Hong-jun lao-zu (鸿钧老祖 or 鸿元老祖, the great balancer or the great primal originator) is the common teacher of The Three Pure Ones.

According to Taoist scriptures, "The Universally Honoured One of Tao and Virtues" had manifested many various incarnations to teach living beings, and Laozi is one of his incarnations.

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