Districts of Albania

Districts of Albania
Administrative Divisions of Albania
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Districts of Albania.

Albania is divided into 36 districts, or rrethe. Districts are grouped into counties or prefectures, of which there are 12. The districts are:

  1. Berat
  2. Bulqizë
  3. Delvinë
  4. Devoll
  5. Dibër
  6. Durrës
  7. Elbasan
  8. Fier
  9. Gjirokastër
  10. Gramsh
  11. Has
  12. Kavajë
  13. Kolonjë
  14. Korçë
  15. Krujë
  16. Kuçovë
  17. Kukës
  18. Kurbin
  1. Lezhë
  2. Librazhd
  3. Lushnjë
  4. Malësi e Madhe
  5. Mallakastër
  6. Mat
  7. Mirditë
  8. Peqin
  9. Përmet
  10. Pogradec
  11. Pukë
  12. Sarandë
  13. Shkodër
  14. Skrapar
  15. Tepelenë
  16. Tirana
  17. Tropojë
  18. Vlorë


During the 1920s, Albania had 39 districts and then 26 in 1939. From 1959 to 1991, Albania was organized into 26 districts. In 1991, ten more were added: Bulqizë (previously under Dibër), Delvinë (Vlorë), Devoll (Korçë), Has (Kukës), Kavajë (Durrës), Kuçovë (Berat), Kurbin (Krujë), Malësi e Madhe (Shkodër), Mallakastër (Fier) and Peqin (Elbasan); giving the map we have today: Albania Counties. In 1978, Ersekë District was renamed to Kolonjë.

Map of the districts of Albania as they were from 1959 to 1991.

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