Chamber of Deputies (Mexico)

Chamber of Deputies (Mexico)

The Chamber of Deputies (in Spanish: Cámara de Diputados) is the lower house of the Congress of the Union, Mexico's bicameral legislature. The structure and responsibilities of both chambers of Congress are defined in Articles 50 to 70 of the current constitution.


The Chamber of Deputies is composed of one federal deputy (in Spanish: "diputado federal") for every 200,000 citizens. Currently (as of 2006 election) there are 500 deputies.

Of these, 300 "majority deputies" are directly elected by plurality from single-member districts (Federal Electoral Districts). The remaining 200 "party deputies" are assigned through complex rules of proportional representation. These seats are not tied to districts; rather, they are allocated to parties based on each party's share of the national vote. The 200 party deputies are intended to counterbalance the sectional interests of the district-based deputies.

The Chamber of Deputies is completely replaced every three years since all seats are subject to reelection and deputies are not permitted to serve consecutive terms. Congressional elections held halfway into the president's six year mandate are known as mid-term elections.

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