Family Guy Video Game!

Family Guy Video Game!

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title= Family Guy Video Game!

developer= High Voltage Software
publisher=2K Games, Fox Interactive
released= vgrelease|NA=October 16, 2006|AUS=November 3, 2006|EU=December 1, 2006
genre= Action-adventure
modes= Single-player
ratings= vgratings|ESRB=M|OFLCA=M|PEGI=18+|BBFC=15
platforms= Xbox, PlayStation 2, PSP
media= 1 DVD-ROM

"Family Guy Video Game!" is a 2006 video game released by 2K Games and developed by High Voltage Software, based on the animated television series "Family Guy". It appeared on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 consoles, and the handheld PlayStation Portable. The game's structure reflects an episode of the TV show, and its gameplay is similar to an arcade game.


The game is split into 22 levels for the three playable characters, Brian, Peter, or Stewie. Brian has six levels, while Stewie and Peter both have eight. Each character has their own unique style of play.

Peter's levels have a beat 'em up style, similar to "Final Fight" and "Double Dragon". In Peter's levels, the player rampages across a section of town, attacking anyone and anything in his path. In addition, depending on the player's progression through the game, Peter will adopt a different persona as a result of head trauma, giving his attacks different animations but otherwise similar results. Peter's alter egos are Rufus Griffin, Hooker Peter, and A.N.N.A. (Automaton Nuclear Neo-Human Android), played in that order. Peter begins and ends the game as himself.

Stewie's levels resemble a shoot 'em up like "Galaga" or "Space Invaders", but also with similarities to games like the "Futurama" video game. Stewie uses his upgradeable laser gun and conveniently placed "sky hooks" to move through various stages.

Brian's levels have more in common with stealth games like "Metal Gear Solid" and "Splinter Cell". Brian must avoid detection by those around him, and can adopt disguises to fool onlookers. A secondary element in Brian's levels is avoiding his natural urge to urinate on things. Should the player remain near certain objects for too long (potted plants, fire hydrants etc), Brian will be forced to urinate on them, exposing himself to those around him.

A key feature of the game are mini-games done in the same style as the cutaway gags that the show is famous for, usually lasting less than 10 seconds. The mini-games often repeat cutaway gags from the shows, such as Peter inexplicably burning his hand in a waffle iron. Successfully completing the mini-game offers a bonus: Brian becomes invisible for a short period, while Peter and Stewie receive powerups for their respective abilities.


Each character has a unique story, and the three stories are done erratically, reflecting a real episode of "Family Guy". Almost every recurring character from the series appears at one point or another, most of them on the receiving end of Peter's violent rampage across town.

Stewie's section of the game involves his attempt to derail his half-brother Bertram's plans for world domination, after Bertram does the same to him. Bertram tricks Stewie into destroy Peter's PTV satellite dish, which Stewie had planned to use in conjunction with his mind control ray. To discover Bertram's plans, Stewie infiltrates his lair in Peter's testicles. There, Stewie finds the location of Bertram's new lair and promptly lays waste to the facility. Stewie finds Bertram at the top of a missile silo, planning to launch the rocket into orbit so he can project his mind control beam around the world. To add insult to injury, Stewie's teddy bear, Rupert, has been placed inside the rocket. Stewie destroys the rocket, rescues Rupert, and has a final battle with Bertram at the playground. Bertram uses a device to grow to tremendous size, but is defeated anyway. Before Stewie can finish him off, he calls for his "mommy" to escape, leaving Stewie by flipping him off.

Brian's section of the game sees him tring to prove his innocence when he is accused of once again impregnating Seabreeze. Brian is forced to escape from prison and follow a scent picked up from Seabreeze's genitals. This leads him to Tom Tucker at the Quahog News Station, which turns out to be a dead end. Brian's next stop is the Quahog Dog Races, where Brian, disguised as a food vendor, finds the scent on a discarded ticket stub. He takes Seabreeze's place in the race, wins (by drugging the other dogs), and draws the father out. Brian reveals that the father of Seabreeze's puppies is Quagmire, thereby clearing his name.

Peter, after being smashed on the head by the PTV satellite dish, wakes up in the hospital and sees a spotlight identical to the Bat-Signal, only in the shape of Mr. Belvedere. Believing that Belvedere has kidnapped his family, Peter rampages across town in an effort to destroy him and save his family. He eventually arrives at Cheesie Charlie's, where he is hit in the head by the doors, opened by several African-Americans. Peter takes on the persona of Rufus Griffin and destroys the entire arcade before waking up in the closet. Seeing that the Belvedere signal is now at the Indian Casino, Peter travels there. As he enters, he takes another blow to the head when a hooker attempts suicide by jumping off the roof. Peter becomes Hooker Peter and destroys the casino. He then takes a fifth blow to the head, now seeing the Belvedere signal again at the docks. As he arrives, the debris of Bertram's rocket crashes on him, and Peter emerges as ANNA, an android programmed to destroy Mr. Belvedere. Crossing the dock and the beach, Peter arrives at a cave and is forced into battle with the Black Knight. Peter defeats the knight, but takes a final blow to the head when the knight's helmet falls off and hits him. When he comes to, Lois confronts him, furious that Peter had destroyed half of Quahog looking for Belvedere.

In the final level of the game, Peter decides to drown his sorrows at the Clam. There, he is confronted by Belvedere, who rips off a disguise revealing none other than the Giant Chicken. In the final battle of the game, Peter defeats the Chicken, and just barely escapes a massive explosion in a penthouse, landing safely on top of Meg who, along with the rest of the Griffins, had inexplicably been standing in the middle of the street. After getting up from Meg and rejoining his family, Peter sees the Belvedere spotlight again which turns out to be Adam West making shadow puppets. The Chicken, as always, ends up surviving.


It was believed that the game would be given an ESRB rating of T, to match the show's usual rating of [TV-14] . However, it was actually rated M for its disturbing humor, dialogue and partial nudity. It was also given a PEGI rating of 18+ for violence, profanity and drug abuse. The BBFC rating was given a 15 for strong sex references.


The game received lower-average reviews. The review collation site Metacritic gave the Xbox version a score of 53%. [ [ Metacritic: Family Guy (Xbox)] ] , the PSP version 52%, [ [ Metacritic: Family Guy (PSP)] ] and the PlayStation 2 version 51%. [ [ Metacritic: Family Guy (PS2)] ] "X-Play" gave the game 3 out of 5, mentioning Brian's levels as a weak point, and suggesting that there is little to recommend in the game beyond its humor. [ [ X-Play: Family Guy (PS2 and Xbox)] ] The "Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine" gave it a 3 out of 10 score, the main problems being broken AI, frustration and repetitive objectives. Another UK based PlayStation magazine, "PSM3", gave it a 48 out of 100, with criticism toward uninspired levels, restrictive controls, and obscure references being the main reason for panning it. Game site "IGN" gave the game a 4.1 out of 10. However, it did win the "Best Cast" Award in 2006 on "Spike TV's Video Game Awards".

Cultural references

* During the most part of the game, Peter fights what he believes to be the minions of Mr. Belvedere, after watching a five-day marathon of the TV show.
* When Quagmire is revealed to be the father of Seabreeze's puppies instead of Brian, Joe goes on a long rant, citing a small list of celebrities: "I thought it would be that guy ... he was married to that 80s workout queen, she hasn't worked in a few years ... well, she did have that one movie with that actress with the fat ass ...", to which Brian replies, "Are you "trying" to get us sued?" Joe is referring to Ted Turner, who was involved in the episode this scenario is based on.
* When Peter transforms into Rufus Griffin, he also goes on a long rant, saying: "Watch out, Belvedere! I'm gonna mess you up worse than breast augmentation surgery messed up that formerly-hot chick who was in that movie where that Jewish kid stuck his thing in the pie!", referring to Tara Reid and her role in "American Pie".
* Stewie remarks that he'll have to "go all Black Hawk Down" on the helicopter and its remote.
* Stewie criticizes Bertram for utilizing the cliché of a slow clap, often used in classic movies as a dramatic turning point.
* Stewie remarks "how the hell can he afford an Eames chair?!" upon seeing one in Bertram's study. When sitting in it, he remarks "Oh... My, this chair is "orgasmic"! I hope these diapers can absorb semen!"
* Stewie also remarks (early on) "Where does he get all his wonderful toys?" when referring to Bertram - This is a reference to "Batman" where The Joker says the same thing, referring to Batman's Batplane.

Episode references

*The Nature Special cut-away is a reference to "Petarded".
*At the hospital, Quagmire is seen hitting on Loretta before you take control of his mind, this is a reference to "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire."
*The Sit Down cut-away is from "North By North Quahog."


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