Christus (oratorio)

Christus (oratorio)

"Christus" is an oratorio in seven scenes with a prologue and epilogue, with music by Anton Rubinstein, written between the years 1887-1893. The libretto is after a poem by Heinrich Bulthaupt. Rubinstein considered "Christus" to be his finest composition. [Maclean, Charles, "Rubinstein as Composer for the Pianoforte" (January-March 1914). "Sammelbände der Internationalen Musikgesellschaft" 15. Jahrg. (H. 2.): pp. 360-374.] The work received only one staging, at Bremen, in 1895. [Taruskin, Richard, "Christian Themes in Russian Opera: A Millennial Essay" (March 1990). "Cambridge Opera Journal", 2 (1): pp. 83-91.]


"Christus" treats the life of Jesus according to the Christian Bible. It is made up of the following scenes:

*Outside the stable at Bethlehem
*Jesus arguing with Satan in the desert
*His baptism by John
*Jesus performing miracles
*Jesus's anger in the temple
*The last supper and Jesus's arrest
*The trial before Pilate
*The crucifixion (off-stage)
*St Paul bringing the gospel into the world


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