LGBT rights in Denmark

LGBT rights in Denmark

Gay rights in Denmark are generally extensive, and Danish society is very tolerant of homosexuality. The left-of-centre political parties—Enhedslisten, the Socialist People's Party, the Social Democrats, and the Danish Social Liberal Party—support gay rights, while the right-of-centre parties are more scepticalFact|date=August 2008. The civil union law was, however, enacted under a conservative-led government, but during a period in which the Danish Social Liberal Party was also part of the government.

Laws on homosexuality

Homosexuality was legalised in 1933 and since 1979, the age of consent is equal at 15, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender. Homosexuals are not banned from military service. In addition, Danish law bans hate crimes, which includes crimes against people because of their sexuality.

Rights of same-sex couples

Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex unions, in 1989. The Danish parliament, Folketinget, has since then discussed same-sex marriage, artificial insemination of lesbians, and couples' rights to adopt several times. Homosexuals can adopt their partner's biological children. On June 2 2006, a majority in Folketinget voted for abolishing a law that since 1997 had banned lesbians from insemination.

A December 2006 European Union member poll showed Danish support for same sex marriage at 69% [] . Angus Reid Global Monitor conducted the poll for issues regarding European Union integration. With the attitudes in Europe regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage; Denmark proved to be high on the list of possible nations that would grant marriage to Gay and Lesbian citizens. In third place behind The Netherlands (82%), and Sweden (71%); 69% of Danes believe Same-Sex Marriage should be legalized. With a polling number this high, along with a long history of progressive gay rights movements in Danish politics, including the Folketinget; it is recommended that Denmark be added to the list of nations currently debating the legalization of Same-Sex Marriage. If legalized, Denmark would be the second Nordic nation to allow this civil liberty. (Norwegian same-sex marriages will be valid in 2009).


In 1979, Denmark granted Greenland sovereignty under the Home Rule Act, although it still influences the island's culture and politics. As is the case with Denmark, homosexuality is a not a crime, when it involves consenting adults in private, and Denmarks's antidiscrimination laws also apply to Greenland [] .

Greenland enacted a civil unions law in 1996 and there is a LGBT-rights organization called "Qaamaneq" (Light), which has organized social events [] .

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