Tetovo municipality

Tetovo municipality

Infobox Macedonian bilingual municipality
municipality_name = Tetovo municipality
municipality_name_mkd = Општина Тетово
municipality_name_secondary = Komuna e Tetovës
population = 86,580
municipality_center = Tetovo
status = Urban municipality
secondary_language = Albanian
main_language = Albanian
area_code = 044
car_plates = TE
website = www.tetovo.gov.mk
municipality_location = MKD_muni_nonn(Tetovo).pngcoa_pic = MMCA(Tetovo).pngcoa_px=80
flag_pic = MKD_muni_flag(Tetovo).pngflag_px = 150
mayor = Hazbi Lika
postal_code = 1200
area = 261.89
density = 330.60

Tetovo ( _mk. Тетово; Albanian: Tetovë) is a municipality in northwestern Republic of Macedonia. Tetovo is also the name of the town where the municipal seat is found. Tetovo municipality is part of Polog statistical region.


The municipality borders Kosova in the north and the west, Tearce municipality in the norteast, Jegunovce in the east, Želino in the southeast and Brvenica in the south and Bogovinje in the soutwest.


The population of the municipality is 86,580 of whom approximately 75,000 live in the municipality center Tetovo, the rest lives in the suburbs and the villages of the municipality.

According to the last National Macedonian census the majority in the municipality is represented by the Albanians (60,886) followed by Macedonians (20,053), Roma (2,357), Turks (1,882), and others.

By the 2003 territorial division of the republic, the rural Šipkovica municipality and Djepčište municipality were attached to "Tetovo municipality". Without these two municipalities the population of the "municipality of Tetovo" was 65,318 according to the National census of 1994, and 70,841 at the last census. The population of the abolished in 2003 Šipkovica municipality in 1994 was 6,797, and according to the last census was 7,820. The population of the abolished in 2003 Djepčište municipality in 1994 was 7,286, and according to the last census was 7,919. With the Territorial administrative division of the republic in 2003 the municipalities of Djepčište and Šipkovica were atached to Tetovo and so the population of the present day municipality is 86,580.

Inhabited places

The number of the inhabited places in the municipality is 19. There is one town and 18 villages.


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* [http://www.kalkandelenliler.org Kalkandelenliler Derneği]
* [http://tetovo.gov.mk Official site of Tetovo municipality]
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