United Nations Foundation

United Nations Foundation

The United Nations Foundation was created in 1998 with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner’s historic $1 billion gift to support UN causes. The UN Foundation builds and implements public-private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and works to broaden support for the UN through advocacy and public outreach. The UN Foundation is a public charity.

The foundation is led by Timothy E. Wirth, a former congressman and senator from Colorado, and former U.S. Undersecretary of Global Affairs.

The UN Foundation strengthens and supports the UN and its causes through a blend of advocacy, grantmaking, and partnerships. Wherever possible, it aligns these core organizational assets behind large-scale problems.

Advocacy The organization works to strengthen the relationship between the UN and the U.S. government—with a focus on getting Congress to pay the U.S.'s debt to the UN. This effort—led by the UN Foundation’s sister organization, the Better World Fund—built the base for broader public outreach campaigns about the importance of international cooperation and a strong U.S.–UN relationship.

Grantmaking Since their inception in 1998, the UN Foundation and Better World Fund have awarded grants amounting to over $1 billion dollars—including nearly $400 million in funds from dozens of partners and thousands of grassroots donors—in support of UN projects and activities in 115 countries.

Partnerships The UN Foundation makes it easy to engage in the work of the UN. As a platform for partnering with the UN, it help corporations, foundations, governments, and individuals make a difference in the important work the UN does across a broad range of issues. The Foundation's role in these partnerships varies—from catalyst to convener, advocate to grantmaker, fiduciary to fundraising ally—but in each case, it is able to achieve an outcome that is greater than that which any single actor would have accomplished working alone. These efforts are conducted in close coordination with the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP), its strategic counterpoint within the UN system.

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