"Barakah" (Arabic: بركة : also "Baraka") is an Arabic term meaning blessing, particularly, spiritual gifts or protection transmitted from God. It is also described as "the greater good" derived from any act. The parallel Jewish term is the cognate Berachah, in Christianity charisma or divine grace. "Barakah" also refers to the favorable result of any action due to divine blessing. It is also a Sufi term referring to a sense of "divine presence" or "charisma."

Muslims believe that "sincere invocation of God", good deeds, repentance, and prayer, may dispose God to dispense "Barakah" into their lives.Fact|date=March 2007 This is supposed to make things easier, happier, and more blessed in this life, Fact|date=March 2007 and by God's mercy, in the Hereafter.

"Baraka" is used in contemporary French as a synonym of "luck". A person who "has" "baraka" is said to be able to emerge unscathed from dangerous situations. This use of the term derives from the time of French colonization in Algeria (1830-1962).

"Barakah" is also the origin of U.S. politician Barack Obama's first name via Swahili which has been heavily influenced by Arabic.

"Barakah" was the name of Al-Said Barakah a Sultan in Egypt who ruled from 1277 to 1279.

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