Calicotome spinosa

Calicotome spinosa

color = lightgreen
name = "Calicotome spinosa"
status =


image_width = 240px
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Magnoliopsida
ordo = Fabales
familia = Fabaceae
subfamilia = Faboideae
genus = "Calicotome"
species = "C. spinosa"
binomial = "Calicotome spinosa"
binomial_authority = (L.) Link

"Calicotome spinosa" (known as thorny broom or spiny broom) is a very spiny, densely-branched shrub of the legume family Fabaceae which can reach up to three metres in height. It grows in the Western Mediterranean region on sunny slopes and dry, rocky ground. It is found in Spain, France, Italy and Algeria and has been introduced to New Zealand. From March to June it produces bright yellow flowers which are borne singly or in small clusters. The seed-pods are 30mm long and are almost hairless, unlike those of the similar species "Calicotome villosa".


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