List of political parties in Chile

List of political parties in Chile

This article lists political parties in Chile.

Chile has a multi-party system, within a system with two dominant coalitions. This is because the 1980 constitution approved during the government of Augusto Pinochet made it extremely difficult for marginal parties to achieve electoral success.

Political parties


These are parties that are legally constituted in all twelve regions plus the Santiago Metropolitan Region.

*Christian Democrat Party ("Partido Demócrata Cristiano")
*Party for Democracy ("Partido Por la Democracia")
*Socialist Party of Chile ("Partido Socialista de Chile")
*Social Democrat Radical Party ("Partido Radical Socialdemócrata")
*National Renewal ("Renovación Nacional")
*Independent Democrat Union ("Unión Demócrata Independiente")
*Communist Party of Chile ("Partido Comunista de Chile")


These are parties that are legally constituted only in some regions of Chile.

*Humanist Party of Chile ("Partido Humanista"): Operates in all regions, except X and XI.
*Regionalist Party of Independents ("Partido Regionalista de los Independientes"): Union of formers National Alliance of Independents and Regionalist Action Party of Chile. Operates in regions I, II, III, IX, X and XI only.

Not yet legally constituted

These are parties in formation awaiting registration by the Electoral Service.

*Chile Primero: Submitted necessary paperwork in October 2007. Led by Fernando Flores and Jorge Schaulsohn.

Legally expired

These are parties that have had their right to registration expired according to Art. 6 of Chilean Law 18,603.

*National Alliance of Independents ("Alianza Nacional de los Independientes")
*Regionalist Action Party of Chile ("Partido de Acción Regionalista de Chile")
*ChileVe: Expired on February 27 2004.
*New National Force ("Nueva Fuerza Nacional"): Expired on June 11 2004.
*Ecologist Party ("Partido Ecologista"): Expired on March 9 2005.
* Christian Left Party ("Izquierda Cristiana"): Inactive since 1999.
*Progressive Union of the Centrist Center ("Unión de Centro Centro Progresista"): Inactive since the 1999 elections.


*National Party ("Partido Nacional") (existed 1857–1933)
*National Party ("Partido Nacional") (existed 1966–1973, 1983–1994)
*Conservative Party ("Partido Conservador") (existed 1851–1949, 1953–1966)
*Liberal Party ("Partido Liberal") (existed 1849–1966)
*Radical Party ("Partido Radical") (existed 1863–1973, 1987–1994)
*National Socialist Movement of Chile ("Movimiento Nacional Socialista de Chile") (existed 1932–1941)
*Revolutionary Left Movement ("Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria" or MIR) (existed legally 1965–1973, ilegally or not legally constituted 1973-2008)
*Popular Unitary Action Movement ("Movimiento de Acción Popular Unitario" or MAPU) (existed legally 1969&ndash)



*Alliance for Chile (Alianza por Chile) - RN/UDI coalition
*Coalition of Parties for Democracy (Concertación de Partidos Por la Democracia) - PDC/PPD/PRSD/PS coalition
*Juntos Podemos Más - PC/PH and other left minority parties coalition


*Unidad Popular


* [ Chile's Electoral Service]
* [ Chile's Library of Congress]

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