The Hills Have Eyes III

The Hills Have Eyes III
The Hills Have Eyes III
Directed by Joe Gayton
Produced by Jonathan Craven
Wes Craven
Peter Sheperd
Written by Jonathan Craven
Phil Mittleman
Starring Lance Henriksen
Giovanni Ribisi
Natasha Wagner
Claire Stansfield
John Diehl
Music by Don Peake
Cinematography Eric Saarinen
Editing by Harry Hitner
Release date(s) 1995 (1995)
Running time 108 minutes
Language English

The Hills Have Eyes III, also known as Mind Ripper, or The Hills Still Have Eyes, or The Outpost, is a horror film released on HBO in 1995. It stars Lance Henriksen and Giovanni Ribisi.

Although it is marketed in some areas as a sequel to the original The Hills Have Eyes and The Hills Have Eyes II, no actors, characters, or scenarios link it to those films. Its only connection is producer Wes Craven, who wrote and directed the other two films. (His son, Jonathan Craven, is credited as a writer.)


Plot summary

Set in a remote desert location, government scientists perform reanimation experiments in an underground nuclear facility. The goal is to create a superhuman. Their first subject, "Thor," is a specimen from a suicide found in the desert. In the attempts to bring Thor back, an uncontrollable creature is unleashed.

The movie begins with the family unit of Stockton (Lance Henriksen), daughter Wendy (Natasha Gregson Wagner), and son Scott (Giovanni Ribisi), preparing for a visit to the desert. Stockton is a former participating scientist of the experiments. Upon arrival, Stockton finds the current scientists still continuing with their work. Thor is awakened, and the facility goes into lockdown status. Trapped inside as prey for their creation, the scientists and Stockton's family must defeat Thor or escape from an impenetrable post. As they are picked off by Thor's hunger for a chemical derived from human brains, their means of survival diminishes.


Thor, like the mutants from The Hills Have Eyes, is a result of science gone wrong. However, unlike the other mutants from the series, he was created through reanimation experiments performed on a suicide victim, rather than radiation exposure. Thor is a cannibal, though his hunger appears to derive from a necessity to ingest a certain chemical found in the human brain. Thor also deals with issues of parentage, reproduction, remnants from his former life, and his mentality that had driven him to suicide.



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