Lar, Iran

Lar, Iran

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Lar is a city in Fars Province in the south of Iran. It is the capital of Larestan County. It had an estimated population of 66,377 in 2005. [ [ Cities in Iran: 2005 Population Estimates ] ]


The people of Lar are mostly Shia, with Sunni minorities. Although most of Lar's population are ethnically Persian, there is a huge Arab population in Lar that were traditionally wealthyOr|date=September 2007Fact|date=February 2007Verify source|date=July 2007, hence many of them have now emigrated to the UAE and other parts of the Persian Gulf such as Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar, also the United States and Bangladesh, working in grocery, trade, and other professions. It should be stated that Lar has the most deposited money all around Iran.


The city was originally called "Lad" after the person who had first established the city. "Lad" is the name of one of Shahname's famous heroes. Around 16th and 17th century, Lar was considered to be a major stop along the road to the Persian Gulf.


The outstanding specification of Larestan county, and its center Lar is the people's dialect. The Larian (so-called Achomi) dialect is much more like an independent language rather than a variation of Persian.Fact|date=December 2007 The vocabulary have some words in common with Persian, but the grammar seems very different from ordinary Persian language. There's a belief that this dialect is one of oldest dialects that have survived through the impact of Arabic on old Persian language.Fact|date=December 2007


Lar city is divided into two areas: new-city (called Shahre-jadid) and old-city (called Shahre-ghadim). New-city, which was constructed after the historical earthquake of 1960, now accommodates the main population and is considered to be modern in terms of civil and transport engineering (e.g. dead-ends are very rare).


An interesting aspect of Lar city is the construction of an ultra-modern expressway between the city of Lar and a police station 10km from the city. The 6-lane expressway has been fully upgraded with high luminous lighting and high quality pavement to facilitate the transportation needs of people of Lar in accessing the police station. The expressway ends at the police station and continues as a gravel road to reach the neighboring cities. [ [ راهها ] ]


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