Ethan Allen class submarine

Ethan Allen class submarine

The "Ethan Allen" class of fleet ballistic missile submarine was an evolutionary development from the "George Washington" class. Together with the "George Washington", the "Lafayette", the "James Madison", and the "Benjamin Franklin"classes, they comprised the "41 for Freedom."

Rather than being designed as "Skipjack"-class attack submarines with a missile compartment added, the "Ethan Allen"s were designed from scratch as fleet ballistic missile submarines carrying the Polaris A-2 missile. In the early and mid-1970s, they were further upgraded to Polaris A3s.


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In fiction

In the Tom Clancy novel Hunt for Red October the "Ethan Allen" (by now old and ready to be broken up), is detonated near the "Red October" in order to convince the Soviets that the fictional Typhoon had been destroyed.

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