Area code 609

Area code 609

Area code 609 in New Jersey covers the central and southeastern regions of the state and includes the state capital of Trenton, Princeton, and Atlantic City.

It was created in 1958 when the original 201 area code for New Jersey was divided into two area codes. Presently, it covers parts of Central Jersey, South Jersey and the Jersey Shore. The southwestern part of the state adjacent to Philadelphia is now covered by area code 856, as a result of a split of the area codes in 1999, although many parts of Burlington County are still covered under 609.

Prior to 1990s when the original two area codes of New Jersey, 201 and 609, were split, New Jersey residents informally viewed the area codes as the defining boundaries of the more urban and industrialized "North Jersey" (industrialized) and the more rural "South Jersey". [Demasters, Karen. [ "The New Phone Math: 609 Divided by 2"] , "The New York Times", February 7, 1999. Accessed August 6, 2008.]

The area covered by 609 includes two distinct regions of New Jersey. One region includes Mercer County, with Trenton and Princeton located in this county. Mercer County is a relatively wealthy county that serves as a bedroom community for both New York and Philadelphia commuters, though more New York commuters have been migrating there in recent years. Mercer County also serves as an important educational hub as home to Princeton University and several established prep schools. Area code 609 also covers Atlantic City and portions of the Jersey Shore. These areas are very different from Mercer County, with their economies based upon tourism.

Cities and towns in the 609 area code

=Atlantic County=

*Atlantic City

=Burlington County=


Cape May County

*Cape May
*Rio Grande
*Stone Harbor
*The Wildwoods

=Mercer County=

*Hamilton Township
*Princeton (home to Princeton University)
*Trenton (state capital and county seat)
*West Windsor Township

Ocean County, New Jersey

*Long Beach Island

Middlesex County, New Jersey


ee also

*Central Jersey
*Jersey Shore
*South Jersey


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