List of dance organizations

List of dance organizations

International dance organizations

The International Dance Council (CID) is the official umbrella organization for dance internationally, it is based at UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in Paris, France and was founded in 1973. Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in more than 150 countries.

The The International Dance Organization [] (IDO) is a non-profit organization registered under Danish law in 1981, granting of Continental and International Competitions and Championships.


The World Salsa Federation is the official and recognized governing organization for Salsa dance internationally. It is based in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. and was founded in 2001. The World Salsa Federation, Inc. promotes, encourages, publicizes and facilitates the art of Salsa dancing including leisure and competitive style, by giving demonstrations, holding competitions and exhibitions, by organizing or sponsoring lectures, lessons and examinations, awarding certificates, prizes and scholarships and doing all such matters and things as will conduce to raising or improving the standard of Salsa dancing, including leisure and competitive styles, and by promoting uniformity of instruction in the basic and advanced steps of Salsa through a uniform Bronze, Silver, and Gold Syllabus.

Country and western dance

*The United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC), formed in 1989, establishes standards and sanctions dance competitions for country/western dance. Its mission statement says: "Promote and enhance Country Western dancing as an art form and a competitive sport". UCWDC is incorporated as business in 1990 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA. At the same time it has an international recognition and has representatives in Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands and Sweden.

quare dance

*The International Association of Square Dance Callers [ (CALLERLAB)] , was organized for the purpose of improving square dancing as an activity. The organization does this through recruitment and promotional efforts, and by providing education and guidance to square dance leaders. The organization maintains a suggested list of standard dancing programs that have helped to make square dancing an international activity. CALLERLAB held its first convention in 1974, but preliminary organisational efforts go back to the early 1970s.:IAGSDC is active in the world of modern western square dancing, and all IAGSDC clubs dance the Callerlab specified levels of modern western square dancing.

DanceSport (ballroom dance as sport activity)

The Amateur World League founded in 2007 by the World Dance Council to promote an open environment for international dance events for all dancers.
*The Irish Ballroom & Waltzing Federation. Founded to promote ballroom dancing and Irish waltzing through competitive and enjoyable competitions. The most popular ballroom dancing organisation in Ireland.

*The International Dance Teachers Association [ (IDTA)] is the largest and one of the leading dance teaching organisations in the World. It is noted for providing a wide range of dance subjects including Ballroom, Latin and Theatre Dance. It also has links with the UK based Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
*The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing [ (ISTD)] is one of the Worlds leading dance teaching organisations. The ISTD is particularly noted for the provision of Ballroom and Latin Dance instruction as well as Theatre Dance subjects such as Ballet, Tap and Modern.

*The International Professional Dance Sport Council and Asian Professional DanceSport Council (established in 2006 according to IDSF press-releases by IDSF professionals, driven by "the growing dissatisfaction with their respective WDDSC country member bodies" and "the desire of many professionals to work in strict collaboration with IDSF aims to unify the DanceSport family under the recognition of IOC." ).

*The North American Same-Sex Dancesport Association [] A non-profit membership organization committed to the promotion and expansion of competitive and social same-sex ballroom dancing.

*The International Dance Union [ (IDU)] is an international union of public organizations, which have united with each other on the basis of common interests. The purpose of the IDU activity is unification of public world organizations which contribute to development of sport dance and other kinds of dance.
*The International Dance Sport Association [ (IDSA)] The main purpose of IDSA activity is: preference of development of DanceSport and other kinds of dance.


The World Rock'n'Roll Confederation [ (WRRC)] , organized in 1984, says in its statute that it "aims at promoting the physical training of its members by means of sporting activities in the form of Rock'n'Roll dance tournaments, including the acrobatic variations (acrobatic Rock'n'Roll) as well as Rock'n'Roll and Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop and alternative styles in line with the rules and sporting presentations".

wing dance

The World Swing Dance Council [ (WSDC)] , organized in 1993, states that it "is a service organization designed to further communication and to profile informational services and record keeping for those in the Swing Dance Community". In particular, it maintains the registry of swing dance competitions.

Hip-Hop Dance

The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory [ (HDC)] states that they fuse classical dance theory and music theory with b-boy [] movement vocabulary and hip-hop music theory in an attempt to bridge the academic divide that has kept hip-hop dancers [] from attaining the respect and notoriety of their classical dance counterparts. They have provided skills development, education and assessment to hip-hop dancers from several country.

National dance organizations


*The Australian Dance Council (Ausdance) [] , is a national professional dance advocacy organisation for dancers, choreographers, directors and educators. There is a network of state offices.
*National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association Australian national registered training organisation in dance for Indigenous Australians


*The Amateur Athletic Union [ (AAU)] includes dance events in its program.
*American Country Dance/English Dance
**The Bay Area Country Dance Society [ (BACDS)] was established in San Francisco in 1981 to promote American and English country dancing. The society holds many dances each month which are open to all interested.
**Country Dance and Song Society [ (CDSS)] was founded in 1915. A national and North American organization devoted to English and Anglo-American traditional and historical folk dance, music and song. Its members include individuals and affiliated groups and organizations. It aims to facilitate the growth and continuation of local and regional dance, music and song communities, and for sharing and keeping historical and folk traditions alive. It conducts a variety of programs, including summer dance and music camps, leadership development projects, and publishes a journal, books and recordings.
**Anglo-American Dance Service [ (AADS)] was founded in 1991. A Belgian organization who promotes English and American traditional dance in Western Europe. AADS organises dancecourses and danceweeks and have a large sales division.
*Dancesport (Competitive Latin and ballroom dancing)
**National Dance Council of America [ (NDCA)]
**Latin and Ballroom Dance Association [ (LBDA)]
**United States Amateur Ballroom Dance Association [ (USABDA)]
**Pacific ballroom dance company based in Western Washington
**American Dance Guild
**Dance Educators of America (DEA)
**National Dance Education Organization
**American Bop Association [ (ABA)]
**American Institute of Vernacular Jazz Dance (AIVJD)
**Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (ACSC)
**Callerlab [ (Callerlab)]
**Dance/USA []
**National Association of Swing Dance Events [ (NASDE)]
**National Fast Dance Association (NFDA)
**National Folk Dance Organization [ (NFO) ]
**NYC Dance Spaces -service organization providing free space-related resources []
**Northern California Lindy Society [ (NCLS)]
**Roundalab [ (Roundalab)]

National DanceSport (ballroom) organizations (outside the USA)

* [ List of national DanceSport organizations]
*Asian DanceSport Federation [ (ASDF)]
**Asociación Argentina de Ballroom Dance y sport Dance []

*English-speaking countries
**DanceSport Australia [ (DSA)]
**Canadian Dance Sport Federation (CDF)
**Canadian Amateur DanceSport Association [ (CADA)]
**English Amateur DanceSport Association [ (EADA)]
**All India Dance Sport Federation (AIDSF)
**Irish Ballroom and Waltzing Federation (IBWF) []
**Irish DanceSport Federation [ (IDSF)]
**Lesotho Dance Sport Association (LEDASA)
**New Zealand Dance and DanceSport Council [ contact info]
**DanceSport Northern Ireland [ (DSNI)]
**Pakistan DanceSport Federation
**Dance Sport Council of the Philippines []
**Scottish Dancesport [ (SD)]
**Federation of Dance Sport South Africa [ (FEDANSA)]
**Welsh Amateur Dance-Sport Association (WADSA)
**Zimbabwe Amateur Dance Sport Association
**All Ireland Dance Federation (AIDF)

*DansSport (ballroom) organizations in Europe
**European Amateur Dancesport Organisation [ (EADO)]
**Slovenský Zväz Tanečného Športu [ (SZTS)]
**Swedish Dancesport Federation [ (DSF)]
**Polskie Towarzystwo Taneczne [ (PTT)]

*DanceSport (ballroom) organizations in The Netherlands
**Algemene Nederlandse Dans Onderwijs Sociëteit [ (ANDOS)]
**BraDo [ (BraDo)]
**Equalitydance (Same-sex dance sport) [ (Equaliaty)]
**Dans Vereniging Noord [ (DaVeNo)]
**Nederlandse Algemene Danssport Bond [ (NADB)]
**Nederlandse Danssport Organisatie [ (NDO)]
**Nederlandse Vereniging voor Amateur Danssport [ (NVAD)]
**Nederlandse Vereniging van Dansleraren [ (NVD)]
**Stichting Dutch Dance Events [ (DDE)]
**Stichting Onderlinge Nederlandse Dansleraren [ (SOND-Noord)]
**Stichting Oost Nederlandse Dansleraren [ (SOND-Oost)]

ee also

*List of dance companies

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