List of video game publishers

List of video game publishers

This is a list of video and computer game publishers, past and present. Some of the publishers may also have large in-house development efforts (or studios), but also publish titles from other developers.

The list below includes both current and defunct companies.

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*1C Company
*2K Games (Publishing label of Take-Two Interactive)
*3DO (console manufacturer) (defunct)


*Acclaim Entertainment (defunct) - Now known as Acclaim Games
*Accolade (Acquired by Atari née Infogrames, name retired)
*Activision (Merged with Vivendi Games to form Activision Blizzard in July 2008)
*Activision Blizzard
*Aventurine S.A.
*Aspyr Media


*Bandai Games (merged with Namco as Namco Bandai Games)
*Bethesda Softworks
*Big Fish Games
*Brøderbund (Acquired by Ubisoft, eventually sold to The Learning Company, no longer publishes video games)
*Buena Vista Interactive
*Blizzard Entertainment (Part of Activision Blizzard as of July 2008)
*Brash Entertainment
*Buka Entertainment


*Cdv Software Entertainment
*City Interactive S.A.
*Coleco (console manufacturer) (defunct)
*Conspiracy Entertainment
*Core Design
*Crave Entertainment
*Crystal Dynamics (Acquired by Eidos)


*Data East (defunct)
*Deep Silver
*Dreamcatcher Games (Acquired by JoWooD Productions)


*Eidos Interactive (Acquired by SCi Entertainment)
*Electronic Arts
*Empire Interactive
*Enix (Merged with Squaresoft as Square Enix)
*Epyx (defunct)
*Epic Games


*First Star Software
*Fox Interactive
*Fresh Games (Publishing label for Eidos Interactive)


*The Games Company
*Global Star Software (Publishing label of Take-Two Interactive, name retired)
*GOD Games (Acquired by Take-Two Interactive, name retired)
*Got Game Entertainment
*Graffiti Entertainment
*Gremlin Interactive (Acquired by Atari née Infogrames, name retired)
*Groove Media
*GT Interactive (Acquired by Atari née Infogrames)


*Hasbro Interactive (Acquired by Atari née Infogrames)
*Her Interactive
*Hudson Soft (Acquired by Konami)


*Ignition Entertainment
*Imagic (defunct)
*Infocom (Acquired by Activision, name retired)
*Infogrames (Renamed Atari)
*Interceptor Micros (defunct)
*Interplay Entertainment
*inXile Entertainment


*JoWooD Productions




*Legacy Interactive
*Lighthouse Interactive
*Linux Game Publishing
*LJN (Publishing label for Acclaim Entertainment, defunct)
*Lionhead Studios


*Mad Genius Software (defunct)
*Matrix Games
*Mattel Interactive (console manufacturer) (Merged with The Learning Company)
*Melbourne House (computer games and books)
*Mercury Games []
*MicroIllusions (defunct)
*MicroProse (Acquired by Hasbro Interactive, name retired)
*Microsoft Game Studios
*Midway Games
*Mindscape, Inc. (No longer publishes games)
*MUSE Software (defunct)
*Myelin Media


*Namco (Merged with Bandai Games as Namco Bandai Games)
*Namco Bandai Games
*New World Computing (purchased by 3DO)


*Ocean Software (Acquired by Atari née Infogrames, name retired)
*Origin Systems (Acquired by Electronic Arts)
*O~3 Entertainment


*Paradox Interactive
*Penguin Software (defunct)
*Phantom EFX
*Playlogic Entertainment, Inc.
*Play Ten Interactive
*PopCap Games
*Programma International (defunct)
*Psygnosis (defunct)


*Rare (Acquired by Microsoft Game Studios)
*redspotgames (independent publisher for Dreamcast, GP2X, Nintendo DS and Xbox Live Arcade)
*Rising Star Games
*Rocket Science Games (defunct)
*Rockstar Games (Currently a publishing label for Take-Two Interactive)

*Sammy Studios (merged with Sega as Sega Sammy Holdings)
*SCi Entertainment
*Sega (merged with Sammy Studios as Sega Sammy Holdings)
*Sega Sammy Holdings
*Shrapnel Games
*Sierra Entertainment (Publishing label of Activision Blizzard)
*SNK Playmore
*Spell Bound
*Sony Computer Entertainment
*Sony Pictures Digital (mobile phone games)
*SouthPeak Interactive
*Spectrum Holobyte (Acquired by Hasbro Interactive)
*Squaresoft (Merged with Enix to create Square Enix)
*Square Electronic Arts L.L.C. (Owned by Square and Electronic Arts. Folded back into Squaresoft and changed to Square Enix)
*Square Enix
*Strategic Simulations, Inc. ("SSI") (Acquired by Ubisoft, name retired)
*Strategy First


*Taito (Acquired by Square Enix)
*Take-Two Interactive
*TalonSoft (Acquired by Take-Two Interactive, name retired)
*Taxan (No longer publishes games)
*Technos Japan Corporation (defunct) (Assets acquired by Atlus)
*Tengen (defunct)
*The Learning Company (Merged with Mattel Interactive, no longer publishes video games)
*Titus Software (defunct)
*Tradewest (Acquired by Midway Games, name retired)
*Topware Interactive
*TT Games (Merger of Giant Interactive and Traveller's Tales) (Acquired by Warner Bros. Interactive)


*Ultimate Play The Game (defunct)
*Ultra Games (Publishing label for Konami, name retired)
*US Gold (Acquired by Eidos Interactive)


*Virgin Interactive Entertainment (defunct)
*Vivendi Games (Merged with Activision to form Activision Blizzard in July 2008)


*Warner Bros. Interactive


*XSEED Games
*XS Games


*Zuxxez Entertainment
*Zoo Digital Publishing

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