List of Joseon Dynasty people

List of Joseon Dynasty people

This is a partial list of people who lived during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, 1392-1910.


"See: List of Korean monarchs"


*Grand Prince Yangnyeong
*Queen Munjeong
*Queen Inhyeon
*Prince Sado
*Queen Jeongsun
*Heungseon Daewongun
*Empress Myeongseong
*Empress Sunjeong


Scholar-officials, or "munsin", held much of the power in the Joseon Dynasty bureaucracy. Many members of the intellectual elite, also remembered for their work as poets or philosophers, served as scholar-officials. Such service, however, was restricted to members of the hereditary yangban class.

*Jeong Dojeon
*Jo Jun
*Nam Eun
*Ha Ryun
*Pak Eun
*Kwon Geun
*Jeong Inji
*Hwang Hui
*Hwangbo In
*Kim Jong-seo
*Yu Eung-bu
*Yu Seong-won
*Pak Paeng-nyeon
*Seong Sammun
*Ha Wi-ji
*Yi Gae
*Kim Jil
*Sin Suk-ju
*Han Myeonghoe
*Choi Se-jin
*Kim Jong-jik
*Yi Eon-jeok
*Jeong Yeo-chang
*Kim Gwaeng-pil
*Jo Gwang-jo
*Yun Im
*Yun Won-hyeong
*Yi Hang
*Yi Hwang
*Jo Sik
*Kim In-hu
*Gi Dae-Seung
*Seong Hon
*Yi I
*Yi Deok-hyeong
*Yi Hang-bok
*Jeong Cheol
*Jo Heon
*Kim Yuk
*Yi Su-gwang
*Song Si-yeol
*Che Jegong
*Shin Gwang-su
*Yu Hyeong-won
*Yi Ik
*An Jeong-bok
*Yun Hyu
*Pak Se-dang
*Pak Jiwon
*Song Jun-gil
*Hong Dae-yong
*Sin Gyeong-jun
*Yu Deuk-gong
*Jeong Yak-yong
*Yi Deok-mu
*Pak Je-ga
*Kim Jeong-hui
*Pak Gyu-su
*Pak Yeong-hyo
*Kim Okgyun

Military officials

Military service was technically open to people outside the yangban class, but in practice most high posts were held by the aristocracy.

*Nam I
*Yi Il
*Shin Rip
*Yi Sun-sin
*Kwon Yul
*Kim Si-min
*Yi Eok-gi
*Won Gyun
*Gang Hong-rip
*Shin Ryu
*Eo Je-yeon


The common classes of Joseon included the yangmin free farmers, the jungin technical class, and the cheonmin underclass. These constituted the bulk of Joseon society, but only a handful of them are known to us today.


Prominent women of the Joseon period were usually either of the high aristocratic class or kisaeng female entertainers.

*Hwang Jin-i
*Non Gae
*Jang Geum, royal physician
*Yi Mae-chang

Popular leaders

*Choe Je-u
*Hong Gyeong-nae




Many of the best-known writers of the Joseon period were also scholar-officials; they are listed above.

*Kim Jeong-ho
*Kim Sat-gat


Some scholar-officials, such as Jeong Yak-yong, also worked as inventors.

*Jang Yeong-sil

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