Measuring tools

Measuring tools

Because human senses - like vision, hearing, touch, heat/cold receptors are subjective - which means that they are not very accurate nor reliable - science do not use them in measurements. Instead, measuring tools are used.

For example, one may look at a mountain and say: the mountain is three thousand feet tall, but another peron may say: two thousand, and so on. Instead of guessing, scientists take a meter stick and using simple triangulation (geometry) measures the height to be, say, 4235 +/- 7 feet.

Science have many measuring tools. Those are various clocks, interferometers (length measuring tools), spectrometers (wavelength measuring tools), thermometers, voltmeters, ampermeters, magnetometer, bolometer (energy measuring devices), power meters, gravimeters (acceleration of gravity measuring devices), oscilloscopes (voltage/current history recorders), and so on.

Recently computers begin to be used as a part of measuring (and especially storing measured data) tools. This made human senses even less involved in measurement and processing data which in turn made data more reliable.

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