Xiang Xiu

Xiang Xiu

Xiang Xiu (zh-c|c=向秀) is one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove.

His most famous contribution is a commentary on the Zhuangzi, which was later used and amended by Guo Xiang. After his friend Xi Kang was killed by the ruling Jin dynasty, Xiang carefully interpreted his previous antagonistic words to the emperor, Sima Zhao in a new light. Thus he avoided the charge of treason, unlike his friend.

He wrote a work translated as 'Separate Biography' Xiang Xiu Biequan.


*"The Controversy over Conformity and Naturalness during the Six dynasties" in History of Religions, Vol. 9 by Richard B. Mather

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*Guo Xiang

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