World Socialist Movement

World Socialist Movement

The World Socialist Movement (WSM) is an international organisation of socialist parties. They practice revolutionary Marxism as well as Anti-Leninism. All the parties, except the Austrian BDS, began as offshoots from the Socialist Party of Great Britain; WSM members in countries without a companion party of their own are as a rule SPGB members. It is made up of the following parties:

*Socialist Party of Great Britain
*World Socialist Party of Australia
*Socialist Party of Canada
*World Socialist Party (Ireland)
*World Socialist Party (New Zealand)
*World Socialist Party of the United States

The following parties were at one time companion parties of the WSM but have since disaffiliated or been expelled:

*Bund Demokratischer Sozialisten (Austria)
*World Socialist Party of India

A group used to exist in Sweden, with the name "Världsocialistiska gruppen".

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