Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic

Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic

Infobox SSR
name = Tajik SSR
rus-name = Таджикская Советская Социалистическая Республика
loc-name = Республикаи Советии Социалистии Тоҷикистон
full-name = Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic
year_start = 1929
year_end = 1991
p1 = Tajik ASSR
flag_p1 = Flag of Uzbek SSR.svg
s1 = Tajikistan
flag_s1 = Flag of Tajikistan.svg

arms = Coat of arms of Tajik SSR.png

capital = Dushanbe (Known as Stalinabad from 1929 to 1961)
language = Tajik, Uzbek and Russian
Lang-ISO = tg
established = October 14, 1924
ussr-start = October 14, 1924
ussr-end = September 9, 1991
area-rank = 8th
area = 143,100
water = 0.3%
pop-rank = 8th
pop = 5,112,000 (1989)
density = 35.7
time-zone = + 5
anthem = Anthem of Tajik SSR
medals =

The Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic ( _tg. Республикаи Советии Социалистии Тоҷикистон "Respublikai Sovetii Sotsialistii Tocikiston"; _ru. Таджикская Советская Социалистическая Республика "Tadzhikskaya Sovetskaya Sotsalisticheskaya Respublika"), also known as the Tajik SSR for short, was one of the republics that made up the Soviet Union. Located in Central Asia, the Tajik SSR was established on October 14 1924, initially it was called Tajik ASSR and was a part of Uzbek SSR. On December 5 1929 it was transformed into a separate republic of the Soviet Union. On September 9 1991, it declared independence from the Soviet Union and was renamed the "Republic of Tajikistan."


One of the new states created in Central Asia in 1924 was Uzbekistan, which had the status of a Soviet socialist republic. Tajikistan was created as an autonomous Soviet socialist republic within Uzbekistan. The new autonomous republic included what had been eastern Bukhara and had a population of about 740,000, out of a total population of nearly 5 million in Uzbekistan as a whole. Its capital was established in Dushanbe, which had been a village of 3,000 in 1920. In 1929 Tajikistan was detached from Uzbekistan and given full status as a Soviet Socialist Republic. At that time, the territory that is now northern Tajikistan was added to the new republic. Even with the additional territory, Tajikistan remained the smallest Central Asian republic.

With the creation of a republic defined in national terms came the creation of institutions that, at least in form, were likewise national. The first Tajik-language newspaper in Soviet Tajikistan began publication in 1926. New educational institutions also began operation about the same time. The first state schools, available to both children and adults and designed to provide a basic education, opened in 1926. The central government also trained a small number of Tajiks for public office, either by putting them through courses offered by government departments or by sending them to schools in Uzbekistan.


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