Roman Catholicism in Sierra Leone

Roman Catholicism in Sierra Leone

The Roman Catholic Church in Sierra Leone is part of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope and curia in Rome.

There are approximately 175,000 Catholics in Sierra Leone - around 3% of the total population. [Citation | last =Haggett
first =Peter | year =2002 | title =Encyclopedia of world geography | publisher =Marshall Cavendish | pages =2318
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] The country is divided into three dioceses including one archdiocese.


Roman Catholic missionaries were active in the coastal regions of Sierra Leone from the early sixteenth century although only a few people converted to Catholicism. [Citation | last =Osagie | first =Iyunolu Folayan | year =2000 | title =The Amistad Revolt: Memory, Slavery, and the Politics of Identity in the United States and Sierra Leone | publisher =University of Georgia Press | page =55 | isbn =0820324655 | accessdate =07/15/2008]


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