List of mathematics-based methods

List of mathematics-based methods

This is a list of mathematics-based methods, by Wikipedia page.

See also list of graphical methods.

*Adams' method (differential equations)
*Akra-Bazzi method (asymptotic analysis)
*Condorcet method (voting systems)
*Coombs' method (voting systems)
*Copeland's method (voting systems)
*D'Hondt method (voting systems)
*Discrete element method (numerical analysis)
*Domain decomposition method (numerical analysis)
*Epidemiological methods
*Euler's backward method
*Euler's forward method
*Finite element method (numerical analysis)
*Finite volume method (numerical analysis)
*Highest averages method (voting systems)
*Method of exhaustion
*Method of infinite descent (number theory)
*Information bottleneck method
*Inverse chain rule method (calculus)
*Inverse transform sampling method (probability)
*Iterative method (numerical analysis)
*Jacobi method (linear algebra)
*Largest remainder method (voting systems)
*Level set method
*Linear combination of atomic orbitals molecular orbital method (molecular orbitals)
*Method of characteristics
*Least squares method (optimization, statistics)
*Maximum likelihood method (statistics)
*Method of complements (arithmetic)
*Method of moving frames (differential geometry)
*Method of successive substitution (number theory)
*Monte Carlo method (computational physics, simulation)
*Newton's method (numerical analysis)
*Perturbation methods (functional analysis, quantum theory)
*Probabilistic method (combinatorics)
*Romberg's method (numerical analysis)
*Runge-Kutta method (numerical analysis)
*Sainte-Laguë method (voting systems)
*Schulze method (voting systems)
*Sequential Monte Carlo method
*Simplex method
*Spectral method (numerical analysis)
*Variational methods (mathematical analysis, differential equations)
*Welch method

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