__NOTOC__Bug or BUG can refer to:


* An insect of the order Hemiptera, also known as the "true bugs". (Older taxonomies identify a suborder "Heteroptera".)
* Any arthropod (excepting most crustaceans); includes insects, but also non-insects such as spiders and centipedes
* A pathogen such as virus or bacteria that causes illness
* Bug (dog breed) a hybrid breed of a pug and a Boston terrier
* One of several species of slipper lobster, such as
** Moreton Bay bug
** Balmain bug
* A crayfish, sometimes called a mudbug or mud bug,


* Software bug, or a software defect
* Covert listening device, commonly used in espionage and in police investigations
* Device for telephone tapping
* Integrated circuit chip, for its buglike appearance
* Manually positioned marker in flight instruments
* A semi-automated telegraph key
* Volkswagen Beetle (slang)
* Bond Bug, car
* Digital on-screen graphic, generally used as a form of television station identification
* Web bug, an object that is embedded in a web page or e-mail that allows checking that a user has viewed the page or e-mail
* The Kettering Bug, an early cruise missile.

Art and media

* "Bug" (2006 film), psychological thriller directed by William Friedkin
* "Bug" (2006 soundtrack), soundtrack of the 2006 film
* "Bug" (2002 film), comedy-drama about a chain of events begun by a boy squashing a bug
* "Bug" (1975 film), a film directed by Jeannot Szwarc in 1975
* Bug (Starship Troopers), a fictional alien race from the novel and film "Starship Troopers"
* "Bug" (play), thriller/black comedy
* "Bug" (Dinosaur Jr album), a 1988 album by Dinosaur Jr
* "Bug" (Dave Davies album), a 2002 album by Dave Davies
*"Bug," a song by Phish from their 2000 album " Farmhouse"
* "BUG" Magazine, Croatian magazine
* "Bug!" a video game
* "Bug Too!" the sequel video games
* Bug, a character in the Marvel comic book series "The Micronauts"


* Brooklyn Union Gas, now known as KeySpan Corporation
* Bug (poker), a restricted wild card
* A holdout device for a card cheat
* Western Bug, a river in Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus
* Southern Bug, a river in Ukraine
* The Buginese language (ISO 639 code bug)
* Bicycle User Group, a group set up to promote cycling issues
* A union label, a mark used by labor unions

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